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many of the parents think that education is more important than sports so if a child wants to participate in sports than the parents think that they will miss their studies so they don't allow them to participate in sports, so for this reason education affect participation in sports.

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Participation in sports affect your Education because if you want to become a gym teacher,police,army man,etc.You will need to be good at sports and you have to get A's in Physical Education[P.E]. More info's an be at my website. bye!

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Q: How does education affects participation in sports?
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What affects participation in sports?

have a healthy life, have fun, and have a fitness body

What sports are Kenya good at?

sports >> organization >> country (kenya) >> participation >> olympics, education, records, etc.

How does the government promote participation in sport?

It spends more tax money on building/ improving sports facilities. It can also promote the participation, by raising awareness of the importance of sports in our daily activities. A good way to raise awareness is to encourage sports in the education system.

What are the 9 factors affecting participation in sports?

the factors that affects participation in recreational activities varies from different basis. but for a simpler answer, it's greatly affected by the socio-economic and demographic reasons: 1. age 2. health condition 3. education and income 4. number of children 5. place of residence

What is the sports participation pyramid?

its in egypt

What is importance of sociology in physical education and sports?

Sociology in physical education and sports helps understand how social structures, culture, and institutions influence participation, performance, and access to sports. It sheds light on issues like inequality, gender roles, and social norms that impact sports. This knowledge is crucial for creating inclusive, equitable, and diverse sporting environments.

Is there an increase in sports participation since 1980?


What is Sport Education?

Sports education is a form of physical education that emphasizes participation in sports as a way of developing skills, learning rules, practicing good sportsmanship, leading an active lifestyle, participating in a group, and learning leadership skills. Faced with cutbacks in physical education courses over the 1980s and 1990s, physical education teachers were often reduced to teaching sports skills apart from the actual game. Many teachers see sports education as a way of revitalizing physical education and making it more useful to students.

Based on participation which Olympic sports are the most popular?

The Olympics are comprised of many different sports. Based upon participation the sport that is the most popular is cycling.

Where does bowling rank in participation sports in the world?


What has the author Christopher William Jennings written?

Christopher William Jennings has written: 'The effect of sports centre development on trends and participation in sports activities within the city of Cardiff' -- subject(s): SPORTS Centres -- development -- Cardiff -- effect on participation in sporting activities, CARDIFF -- sports centres -- development -- effect on participation in sporting activities

Where can you get participation levels in sports by age group?

contact the university of Wisconsin, sports research center