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The Olympics are comprised of many different sports. Based upon participation the sport that is the most popular is cycling.

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Q: Based on participation which Olympic sports are the most popular?
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What sports do they play in Croatia?

They're most popular in soccer. But they play basketball, handball, water polo and they participate in Olympic-based sports.

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Popular sports memorabilia include things like jerseys, equipment, and programs. Values can change based on what the memorabilia are.

What sport in the Olympic games are not in this Olympics?

There is no specific sports allowed and not allowed to compete in the games. The selection is based on the current populairity of the games

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Why are some sports like netball not involved in the Olympics?

It appears that the decision on whether an 'Sport' becomes Olympic is based on Male/Female participation along with the the Universal country participation. Netball is primarily a Female Sport with very limited Male participation. The same goes for Rugby where Males are by far the primary participants. Although Netball is played by some 70million people in some 60 countries, it's female 'exclusivity' prevents it from getting voted in I believe. JA Husband to UK 'B' Class Netball Umpire

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Jamaican Olympic team

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Olympic Airlines is based in Greece

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