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Q: How does continuous training help in badminton?
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What sports uses continuous training?

It not what sports use continuous training. It's more about the person playing it and how well they want to do in it. Because people who don't care much and don't worry about being good wont really use continuous training, but someone who wants to be the best and progress in the sport will do continuous training no matter what sport it is.

How does continuous training improve your performance?

because it does

Do you need any qualifications or training to be a umpire or service judge in badminton?


What does sharepoint administrator training prepare you for?

Sharepoint administrator training prepares you for your certification test. This will also help keep you up to date on new sharepoint techniques which you will then be able to implement in the continuous sharepoint administration.

What sport best fits continuous training?


Critically analyze the work culture in HCL Perot Systems and how induction and continuous training help institutionalize the same?

because it isn't very good

What is the other term for continuous training?

Long Distance running

What does continuous training involve?

bob nice one mate.

Why would an athlete use continuous training?

Continuous training is very popular by cyclers or marathon runners because continuous training improves both, endurance fitness and muscular fitness. IT IMPROVES VERY WELL THE CARDIOVASCULAR FTNESS

What are the 5 different types of training used for training in netball?

well there is weight training, fartlek,continuous, interval , circuit, flexibility and weight

What is an advantage of continuous training?

Weight loss Better Cardio Vascular

Difference between interval training and continuous training?

Interval training is periods of work followed by periods of rest. This is known as work:rest ratio. This is commonly used to train the anaerobic energy system. Continuous training, of which there are many forms does not involve rest periods, although it could involve periods of different intensities (such as Fartlek training).