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A "spare" in Bowling is when it takes two rolls in one frame to knock down all ten pins. A frame with a spare is scored by adding ten with the pins knocked down by the next ball.

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Q: How does a spare work in bowling?
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What did the bowling pins say to the bowling ball?

Please spare me!

How many different spare leaves are there in bowling?

There are 362880 possible spare combinations in 10 pin bowling.

In scoring with bowling what is it when a split becomes a spare?

It is still scored as a spare.

What is the Spare Bowling?

The spare is getting to 2nd sub-bowl at 10 pins getting.

How many fames are there in bowling?

There are 10 frames in bowling. If you get a strike or spare in the 10th frame you get additional shot(s) -- 1 for spare and 2 for strike.

What is the last pin on the rack for bowling known as?

A spare.

Is a strike more than a spare in bowling?


In the last frame of bowling do you get a chance to bowl a total of 4 balls?

In the last frame you get a chance of bowling 3 balls. You can get three strikes, a strike and a spare (a spare is two balls) or a spare and a strike.

What does it mean to get a 'spare' in bowling?

A spare is a term in bowling that means all of the pins are knocked down with the second ball of the frame. It is usually indicated by a slash "/" on the scoresheet. A player gaining a spare gains 10 points.

What is a spare in bowling?

A Spare Is when you knock down some pins in the first try but in the next try you knock the rest down you get a spare

In bowling on the 10th frame do you get a third try if you get a spare?


What does the diagonal line mean in ten pin bowling?


What is the most difficult spare in bowling?

7 10 split

How many bowling points is a spare?

a spare is 10 points plus the value of your next roll. So if you get a spare and then 9, you get 19 points

What is the number of bowling balls required for a spare?

1 bowling ball. No matter what the shot is. (Eg: 7-10)

Why is a spare called a spare in bowling?

The way I see it, it is called a spare because you use your extra shot to knock all the pins down.(or in other words, used your spare shot to get a spare)

What is a spare worth in bowling?

A spare is worth 10 plus the number of pins knocked down on the next delivery.

Symbol used to mark a spare on a bowling scoresheet?

/ slash mark

What does mark mean in bowling?

it means you got either a strike or spare

How many points for a spare in bowling?

10 plus your next ball

What is the bowling frame that does not have a strike or a spare called?

it is called an "open" frame

How many pins do you have to knock down to earn a spare in bowling?

You have to knock down ten pins in two tries to get a spare.

What is worth ten points plus the next ball thrown in bowling?


What can one do with spare times?

Go bowling and see how many times you can spares.

How can you plan to control the momentum of your bowling stride?

By lining up the bowling ball to hit the pins. T o get a strike or spare.