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Robin Hood won the Archery contest by shooting His arrow into the middle of the target and scoring the highest score which is 180. Because he won that he got is golden arrow!

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Q: How does Robin Hood win the archery contest?
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What did Robin Hood win in the archery contest?

ANSWER he won a hot girl a gold gilded arrow.

Robin Hood vs modern marine who would win?

In the first few minutes of the fight the marine would either shoot or knockout Robin Hood, thus ending the fight However if it were an archery contest Robin would win quite easily. If it were a larceny competition Robin would win as Marines are not able to engage in such conduct until there is a declaration of war. If it were a matter of taking from the rich and giving to the poor Robin would again win as marines are trained to protect the US foreign policy and to accept collateral damage.

What must the suitors in order to win the archery contest?

string the bow

What was t he silver object that Robin Hood win?

Robin hood won the silver arrow

What is the objective of Archery?

As a sport: To win the archery contest with the highest score is the aim of archery. The coloured rings on the target carry different values, the centre (bull) being the highest score.

What is an example of jealousy in The Odyssey?

An example of jealousy is when the suitors are jealous that Odysseus was able to win the archery contest.

Does the legend of Robin Hood have an underlying meaning?

Anything is justifiable as long as you win.

How do you win archery prizes?

You can win archery prizes by competing in archery competitions. There are plenty of archery competitions all over the world to choose from, find one win it and you'll get your prize.

How Can you win an Online Contest?

it depends what type of contest

When did Viktor RUBAN win a gold medal in archery?

2008 Games in Beijing in men's individual archery.

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