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Pin fall or Sumbmision

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Q: How do you win a Hell in a Cell match in wrestling?
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Did john cena win the match with wade barret in hell in a cell?

No he lost

Who would win a wrestling match between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift?

If the wrestling match were televised, then we would all win!

Who will the match between john cena and wade barret at hell in a cell?

john cena if you mean who will win it

What do wrestlers do when they have won a wrestling match?

They win.

Who will win in a wrestling match Ryback or The Rock?

no the rock would win

When is batista going to win the world heavyweight championship?

survivor series 2009 he will beat Jeff hardy in a hell in the cell match.

Will undertaker win tonights hell in a cell match?

He will because WWE is fake and there is always a problem and a solution. Wrong Kane won

When was the first wrestling match?

A First Blood match is a no-disqualification match where in order to win a wrestler has to make his opponent bleed.

How do you win a match in greco wrestling?

In greco-roman wrestling you can win by fall, technical superiority (technical fall,decision,default,injury,disqualification.

Who is the winner of match between John Cena and Wade Barett at Hell in a Cell ppv?

wade barett is win this match and john cena join the nex in monday night raw..................

Who would win in a fight a waffle or a pancake?

If it is a wrestling match, pancakes would win. It will you lie on top of it.

Who would win in an arm wrestling match between Superman and Hulk?


Who would win in a play wrestling match Jennette McCurdy or Nina Dobrev?


What is a cage match?

In the field of wrestling, a cage match is a match in which wrestlers fight in an enclosed location, and where the aim is to escape over the top of the "cage" to win.

What can you do to win in a wrestling match?

It's luck of the draw. Matches are scripted. The competitors have no control over the result. However, if you win the match when you are scheduled to lose, you may get fired.

Did Snooki win her WWE match?

Yes, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi won her first and only wrestling match at WrestleMania 27.

In professional wrestling do the teams know before the match who is going to win?

Yes, but they do the moves as they go.

Who would win a wrestling match between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?

katy perry

Will dx win at hell in a cell?

yes because legacy have no experrience

Who will win the WWE championship at hell in a cell 2011?

Randy Orton

What are three way to win a wrestling match?

1. forfeit 2. points 3. pin (fall)

How do you win the sumo wrestling match on red dragon island?

By clicking first after the man say began.

Do wrestling people talk about what they do before the match?

yes they do,if they didnt ,then they would just mess up everything.they even decide who is going to win the match.

Who won at hell in the cell 2010?

Daniel Bryan defeated Miz & Morrison - Triple Threat Submission Count Anywhere For The United States Championship Randy Orton defeated Sheamus - Hell In A Cell For The WWE Champion Edge defeated Jack Swagger - Single Match Wade Barett defeated John Cena - Single Match If Barett Wins Cena Join Nexus If Cena Win Nexus Must Disband Natalya defeated Michelle Mcool (with layla) (by dq) - Single Match For The Unified Divas Champion Kane Defeated Undertaker (with paul bearer) - Hell In A Cell Match For The World Heavyweight Champion

What are the rules of wrestling?

there is a lot of rules to wrestling like to get dq you have to use a weapon which means you lost the match and to win you have to pin your opponent by getting on top of them and hold them down for ten seconds there is a lot of rules to wrestling like to get dq you have to use a weapon which means you lost the match and to win you have to pin your opponent by getting on top of them and hold them down for ten seconds