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A burned alive match is a special type of match in which the only way to win the match is to set your opponent on fire. Usually the ringside is surrounded by flames and if you can set any part of your opponent on fire, you win the match. Undertaker and Kane have been part of such matches.

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Q: How do you finish burn alive match?
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What is a buried alive match in wrestling?

Popularized during the boom of professional wrestling in the mid to late 1990's, a Buried Alive match is a no holds barred match where the objective is to literally bury the opponent alive in a pre arranged hole at the location of the match. The Undertaker of World Wrestling Entertainment was a notable participant in this type of match.

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Do the WWE referees tell when the match is to finish?

In normal circumstances No. They can stop a match when they know that one of the wrestlers is injured and cannot continue to fight. Also, they know when or how a match will end. You can spot this by the way they do 3 counts. The counts they do when the wrestler kicks out will be much slower than the one they count to finish a match.