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On the bolt cap there is a small twistable screw. Put an Allen wrench in there and it will go up or down. NOt sure witch way does what though.

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Q: How do you turn up the velocity on a spyder sonix paintball gun?
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How do you change the velocity on your spyder emr1?

In the back of the gun, there is a little screw! Turn that!

How do you break in the invert mini paintball gun?

Most people suggest you turn your velocity down and dry fire a few tanks to break in the spring. Any marker will shoot better after its break-in period.

How do you adjust velocity on a JT tac 5 paintball gun?

It is the exact same velocity adjustment style as the Tippmann 98. One the side of the marker there will be a screw that goes into the gun. Get the hexagonal key that fits it and turn it in to decrease and out to increase. What this does is moves a screw physically in the way of the airflow of the shot, causing it to loose energy.

What causes the blinkers not to work on a 1997 Mitzubishi Eclipse Spyder?

Check/replace turn signal flasher

How do you adjust the velocity on the spyder shutter?

on the back of the marker there are 2 tubes, on the back of the lower tube there is an adjustment knob or set screw (depending on which exact model) turn it in for higher velocities, out for lower velocities

How come my invert mini paintball gun wont shoot far?

Their is only one way to make a paintball marker shoot further. That is to increase the velocity to make the paintball travel faster, thus making go further. This however is prohibited by tournaments and fields. The maximum allowed velocity is between 300 and 275 feet per second. The only other way which only applies to Tippmann owners is the flatline barrel. This barrel puts backspin on the ball making it go a considerable distance further. The barrel is though inaccurate at longer distance. Contradictory to what most say a longer barrel won't make the ball go any further. You only need around a 12 inch barrel to provide adequate accuracy.And they hurt somewhat.

How do you tell if a halo paintball hopper works?

turn it on and tap the back. if it does not spin something is wrong.

The car rounds the turn at a constant velocity of 90 mph?

If the car rounds the turn, then its velocity is not constant.Velocity is a thing that has magnitude and direction. The magnitude is what we call "speed".If the direction is changing, then the velocity is changing, even if the speed is constant.

How do you turn off the theft deterant system in a 1999 Mitsubishi Spyder eclipse?

The tds is activated/ deactivated with the remote attached to the key.

Where is the turn signal flasher unit on a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse spyder?

Behind A/C and heater control panel, in center console.

How do you turn spyder xtra to auto?

if it has a e-frame read the manual and it will tell you how to turn it to full auto, if it is a mechanical marker you will need to buy a e-frame to run it full auto

3 ways to accelerate?

To change the acceleration of a car: speed up, slow down or turn. Acceleration is any change in velocity. Velocity is "how fast" and in "what direction". To speed up is to accelerate (increase the velocity). To slow down is to deaccelerate (decrease the velocity) To turn is also a form of acceleration (changes the direction of the velocity).