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To tell (or ask) your horse to trot is:
"Aller au trotter."
Translation is: To go into a trot.

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Q: How do you tell your horse to trot in French?
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How do you tell your horse to canter in French?

To tell (or ask) your horse to trot in French is:"Aller au canter."Translation is: To go into a canter.

How do you notice a limp and determine where it comes from on a horse?

To find out if your horse has a limp, you make it trot, and then you can tell if it has or not.

What is working trot?

The natural trot for a horse under saddle. It is the normal trot for the horse.

How do you notice a limp?

ask the horse to trot. if it favors weight away from something, then you can tell

What is the name of a fast horse trot?

If you are riding a "fast horse trot" it could be a lengthened or an extended trot. That is referring to the actual length of stride a horse is making at that trot. "Collection" is the exact opposite, basically, of a fast trot.

What is a dressage move in which a horse executes a slow elevated trot on the spot?

A Piaffe is when the horse is in a highly collected trot on the spot. Likewise, a Passage is when the horse performs this elevated trot while moving forwards.

If a horse's ears are slanted backwards what does it indicate?

If they are WAY backward, like, almost touching the head, then that horse is spooked and angry! Calm the horse down. HOWEVER if the ears are slightly tilted back, then the horse is listening to you. If you tell the horse "Trot" then he/she will probably have been alert and would probably pick up the trot immediately.

How do you notice and find a limp in a horse?

Have the horse trot for you!

Can the Rocky Mountain Horse trot?

yes of course! all horses can trot.

How fast can a horse trot?

most horses trot at 12 miles a hour

Highly elevated trot in dressage where the horse appears to be dancing?

Collected trot.

Dressage move in which horse executes a slow elevated trot?

collected trot

How do you tell your horse to walk in French?

To tell (or ask) your horse to walk in French is "Aller au pas."Translation is: To go slowly.

What happens to a riders body when a horse is trotting?

When you are riding a horse at a trot you can either sit the trot (something that require a lot of practice to be able to do well), or do a rising trot where you post (go up and down in the saddle) in time with the horse's outside leg.

Can a horse trot?

Yes they can.

Can you still ride a horse if he has Thrush thank you?

Depends on the severity of the Thrush, but if you have someone watch the horse trot a lap of the ring they will tell you if the horse is limping or not. If the horse is limping, it is wise not to ride, and even if they are not limping, only light work.

Does extended trot mean posting trot?

No, posting or rising trot is a way to ride the trot and you can post any type of trot. Extended trot is where the horse lengthens it's trot stride to cover more ground. Typically this causes the trot to smooth out a bit making it easier to sit the trot.

How can you tell your horse is trotting?

A trot is a two beat gait. you would be able to see the horses legs move in diagonal pairs.

Why do you trot a horse?

well it you trot a horse you get it more into shape by trotting it rather than cantering it. that's just what i learned? It is a part of riding and keeping a horse fit.

How do you tell your horse to trot in German?

To tell (or ask) your horse to trot in German is: "Gehen Sie zu einem Trab." Translation is: Go into a trot. Some how I seriously doubt that any horse would understand that much German, let alone the formal (Sie) conjugation of the verb! Even if you did say such a thing to it, horsey people are intimate enough with their horses that they would use the informal Du form! Just use the stirrups and reins

What is a Trot?

A trot is a horse's gait where the horse's legs move diagonally compared to each other. It is also a disparaging term for an ugly old woman.

Do you make a horse trot to find out where a limp is coming from?

Yes; if it's not visible at the walk, you need to trot the horse in-hand and have someone watching its feet.

What does WTC stand for in horse terms?

WTC is shorthand for walk, trot, canter. It means that the horse will quietly walk, trot, and canter under saddle.

Do you have to bounce when you're doing a working trot on a horse otherwise how do you do a working trot?

Over long distances, it is better for the horse's back if you can do a rising (or posting) trot, standing and sitting with every alternate beat of the horse's hooves. In high level dressage tests, riders sit to the trot, and this is done before canter transitions in general English riding.

What is a horse gait?

In horses, a gait is like what pace they are going at. The four gaits a horse has arae walk, trot,canter,and gallop. In novice + dressage you get different levels of the gaits like extended trot. Also, some breeds of horse have a special gait, the walking trot.