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Have the horse trot for you!

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Q: How do you notice and find a limp in a horse?
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How do you notice a limp and determine where it comes from on a horse?

To find out if your horse has a limp, you make it trot, and then you can tell if it has or not.

To notice a horse limp and determine where does it come from?

The horse needs to walk.

To notice a limp in a horse what does it have to be doing?

At least walking.

Do you trot gallop or jump to notice a limp in a horse?

Trot. When a horse trots, its head stays level unless it has a limp in the front end. When the horse has a limp in the back end one of its hind quarters drops. If it is sound then they are level. When a horse is galloping it has a 'leading leg' - its two sides do not have the same movements so it is difficult to spot a limp.

How do you notice a limp?

ask the horse to trot. if it favors weight away from something, then you can tell

To notice a limp and determine where it comes from do you make the horse trot gallop or jump?

you make it trot

Do you make the horse jump to find a limp?

No; in fact, that could only worsen things exponentially. If a limp is not visible (even slightly) when the horse is walking, he's trotted in hand. It should show up then if it's there.

Do you make a horse trot to find out where a limp is coming from?

Yes; if it's not visible at the walk, you need to trot the horse in-hand and have someone watching its feet.

Where can you find someone to shoe a horse?

to get your horse shod call a farrier if you don't know where a farrier is then check a pony club notice Bord or a notice Bord in a saddlery ask fellow horse people.

How do you notice a limp on horse?

The first signs you might see is if a horse is holding its front foot off the ground (resting a back leg is normal however) or limping noticeably when it walks. You should call the vet. He will probably ask you to lead the horse at a trot away from him and then towards him. The horse's head will nod when the good leg hits the ground and jerk up when the bad leg comes down. If the limp is in a hindleg, the hindquarter of the other leg will also drop when that foot hits the ground.

How does an abscess affect a horse's ability to run?

Abscesses impede the horse's ability to walk normally. Abscesses are very painful, so horses will limp and will not run when they are in pain. However if the horse is given bute (a pain killer), the horse won't limp as much.

To notice a limp and determine where it comes from?

make it walk or trot

How can a horse break its leg?

Horses can break a leg in many ways; stumbling, galloping, races, fighting, and the most common, jumping. When a horse breaks its leg, it's in a lot of pain. The bone could be set, but your horse will always limp. But, if it does heal, it wont do much good, as the horse will still be in a lot of pain, as i said, limp, and may or may not get up at all. That's why most owners euthanize their horses, meaning, they put them down. You can look up ways a horse breaks it leg to find out more. Just be safe and gentle with your horse ;)

Why do horses limp?

You could fill many encyclopedias with a list of things that would make a horse limp. Any kind of pain makes a horse limp, just as with people. Simple examples could include a pulled muscle, an abcess in the hoof, arthritis, a torn or pulled tendon or ligament, or a sore back. Horses limp because they might have broken a bone, or maybe a birth defect or disease. Another reason why a horse might limp is because of navicular. This is mostly in quarter horses or paint horses that have been trained in Western Pleasure at a young age but it can happen in any breed of horse. To learn more you could probably look it up.

To notice a limp and determine where does it come from?

Make the horse trot by jogging alongside it while leading it. If the horse is lame, it will look as though it is limping. You can tell where it comes from by watching the horse's feet and head. If, when he puts one front foot down and his head goes up, it means he is lame in that foot. If the same happens with a hind foot and his head goes down, he is lame in that hind foot.

How can you determine what is causing a limp in a horse?

I think you make it gallop, trot, or jump.

Do you know what a small hard bump about an inch big located at the back the horse's leg just above the knee and its causing the horse to limp?

If I read correctly you're describing a horse's chestnut. All horses have chestnuts, just like we have fingernails. It's just natural. There is no way that your horse's chestnut is what's causing him to limp. Maybe you should call in your ferrier or another horse expert to see what the real problem is.

Why does a horse naah?

The horse is talking, you will notice this if it is around other hores or if the horse feels its in danger.

To determine where a limp is coming from on a horse do you make it trot gallop or jump?

If you think a horse is lame, you should trot it on a lead rope and jog with it to see if it is limping. If you still think the horse is lame, contact a vet.

What makes a horse limp?

There are too many reasons as to what would make a horse limp to possibly answer here. A limp could be caused by a poor hoof trimming - ie: too short, a foot ailment - ie: trush or laminitis, poor confirmation, an internal leg problem anywhere up the leg ie: sprains, pulls, fractures, from an object becoming embedded in the sole, or even from something as simple as a stone bruise.

What is a homograph for a lame walk or step and not stiff?


what is most likely an acquired trait in horse A color of fur B length of ears C ability to run D a slight limp need help and like asap I am not good in science thank you?

A slight limp

Can a horse limp because it has no horse shoes?

Horses can limp for many reasons. Some horses require shoes and others do not. Horses doing work harder on their feet, like jumpers, may require shoes while others may not. If a horse is limping, it is not necessarily because they need shoes and do not have them. This is not to say that foot injuries or soreness cannot come from not being shod, it's just not always the cause.

What does it mean when a horse is lying down limp?

A horse may lay down to soak up the sun and relax, or to sleep. Lying down can sometimes indicate the horse has been injured or is sick. When in doubt, seek the advice of your veterinarian.

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