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If you're using a 1/2 x 3/32 chain (or "10-speed chain") on your BMX bike, you're out of luck. You can't half-link those chains. If you have a 1/2 x 1/8" chain, you can buy what's called a "half-link" (go figure!). I've seen them range from $2 to $10 and they go in place of 1 1/2 links in your chain to get you that ideal chain length if you find you don't have enough drop-out adjustment to prevent either a too loose or too tight chain.

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Q: How do you take a half link chain of a bmx?
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How do you take off a chain from a bmx bike?

You probably have to break the chain if there is no master link / quicklink that can be opened.

How do you take a link off a bmx bike chain that doesn't have the sliding lock thing on it?

You need a chain breaker tool.

Do you need a new chain for a smaller chain wheel on your bmx?

No, you can just cut your chain with a chain breaker or just take it to a shop and they will do it for you.

How do you take of bmx chain?

all you have to do is loosen the nuts on the back tire simple

How do you take out a link on a bmx bike?

Go to bike shop or wolyworld and buy a link remover.

What do bmx chain adjusters do?

they keep your chain tight

What size half chain link do you need if you get a 36t sprocket?

Half links only come in two sizes, 1/8" and 3/32". Which one you need is determined by which chain you're running. Depending on which sprocket you had before a half link may not be enough. On a bmx just make it fit, they tend to slack by half an inch to adjust while peddling back since they don not lock. Meassure until nearest like possible.

What is the best bmx chain?

Shadow conspiracy.

How do you remove links in your bmx chain?

You need a special tool called a chain breaker.

What do pro BMX riders lubricate the chain with?

inox or chain lube from a bike shop

What gear is a BMX on?

??? A BMX is Single-speed, it only has one gear, and that's what it's on unless it has lost the chain.

Do bmx bike and trick bike have the same chain?


Where can one purchase BMX handlebars?

There are a number of stores that sell BMX handlebars. These include Amazon, the auction website eBay, Vital BMX, Chain Reaction Cycles, Evans Cycles and Halfords.

How big are the BMX chianwheels?

they can range from 46teeth on a chain wheel all the way down yo a 22tooth chain wheel.

Is it likely that a bmx chainring will fit on a road bike?

No. Some BMX chainrings have the same 4/5 bolt pattern as road bikes, but most use another method of attachment to the crank. If it is a 4/5 bolt chainring you first have to measure the bolt circle diameter to see how that fits. I'll post a link on that. Next is the thickness of the chain rings. BMXes are single-speed and use a thicker chain. Most road bikes have external gears and need a thinner, more flexible chain to work. I'm not sure if a road bike chain will fit on a BMX chainring. (Unless it's a single-speed road bike of course. Then you can run a BMX-style chain and all can be made to work.)

How much gears are in the chain of a BMX stunt bike?

A chain is a chain, it hasn't got any gears in it. But if you run it across a pair of sprockets you can create a gearing ratio.

What size is 25-9 chain for bmx bike?

It depends on the length of the chainstays on your frame.

For your bmx bike im getting a 25t sprocket and what size chain do you need?

Go for a SS (singlespeed) chain. It measures 1/8"

Where can BMX pegs be bought online?

BMX pegs can be bought online from Chain Reaction Cycles. The pegs are in a range of sizes and colours such as blank value pegs and P3 pegs. BMX pegs are for those who want to do extreme cycling or stunts on a bike.

How do you adjust a chain tension on a bicycle?

If the bike was intended for that type of drivetrain to start with, then you do it by loosening the rear wheel and pulling towards the back of the bike before bolting it down again. If you run out of room in the dropouts you may have to remove a link from the chain first.Depends a bit on what kind of bike you've got. If it's a single-speed or an internally geared bike and the frame has horizontal dropouts - then you unbolt the rear wheel and slide it backwards until the chain is taut again. Check alignment, tighten the wheel nuts and you're done. If it's a BMX it might have chain tensionser which you have to reset while you're at it.If chain wear is really bad you might not have enough reach in the dropouts to get the chain tight again. Then you have to shorten the chain by one link first, and then set the rear wheel up again. There are even special half links that can be used for this purpose.If your bike has vertical dropouts, then you either need to use an extra little sprocket as a chain tensioner, or you can try the half link approach there too.

Can you still ride your bmx when the chain keeps slipping or skipping?

It is not recommended, your feet can slip off the pedals and you can get hurt.

What is a BMX crank?

A crank (or a crankset) is the thing that sits in the middle of the bicycle, has the chain on it and have the pedals attached to it.

How heavy is a redline recon bmx bike?

fifteen bagillion and a half pounds

Who invented the bmx bike in the 1920?

No one. BMX riding didn't take off until a lot later, in the 1970s.

How do you get the chain off a Next intruder 2008 bmx Bike?

Undo wheel nuts, slacken chain tensioner(if applicable). Push wheel forward in the dropouts. This should give enough slack to unhook the chain. If you want the chain completely off you probably need a chain breaker tool. Some bikes are fitted with quick links/master links that can be opened w/o tools. Just look for a link that's different from the others.