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Do lots of drills and you will hit it

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Q: How do you stop feeling scared when doing a backhand spring?
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Will doing 35 pushups every other day increase the length of your backhand spring?

no this will not improve the length of your backhand spring sit ups and crunches are more likely to improve the length of you're backhand spring

How is gymnastics trampoline used?

a gymnastic trampoline is used for a number of things for example it can be used for backhand springs. trampolines are also used for balance for example when u are tumbling ( on floors ) and you are doing lets say a backhand spring you need balance when you jump that's how a trampoline can be used.

What is the most difficult tennis drill?

I would have to say that for some the most challenging tennis drill could be learning the backhand technique. It can be difficult because doing anything with a backhand is difficult.

How do you do a jump back-handspring connected?

If you are doing a toe touch backhand spring for example you first do a toe touch and leave your hands where they are in a T. Then swing them down to your sides and then backwards into a handspring. Hope this helped. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

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