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No you need nine for a full team.

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Q: Can you start with eight players in high school baseball?
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How many players can start on a high school baseball team?


Is there eight starting players on a soccer team?

no, there are eleven players who start on the field

Where do the players on a baseball field stand?

Well in the beginning of baseball the players start at the home base

Can you begin a High School baseball game with 8 players?

This would depend on the rules your high school goes by. In many cases you can start a game with 8 players, but it would depend on the Associations Rules and Regulations

Which eight Major League Baseball players were born in Alaska?

As of the start of the 2007 season, there are now 9 current and former MLB players born in Alaska. Click on the 'Alaska Born MLB Players' link on this page to see a list of those players.

How many players are needed to start a high school baseball game?

I am sure rules and protocols differ from school to school; however a simple answer would be: 10 Players Total (5 Players for Each Team), as this is the minimum number of players needed (physically) to play a Basketball game (according to the typical/widely adhered to rules).

When did baseball players start wearing uniforms?

they start wearing shorts and pants

When did Michael Jackson start school?

He started school at age eight

How many players are required to start a baseball game?


Baseball players that names start with z?

· Don Zimmer

When did football players start wearing baseball caps?


Number of players necessary to start a baseball game?

in MLB a team must start the game with 9 players or they forfeit the game

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