How do you skate faster?

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Buy a longboard!

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Q: How do you skate faster?
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Can you skate faster in skateboard or in roller skate or in-line skate?

In-line skates.banana banana!banana banana monkey! Monkey!monkey!monkey!monkey!

Can you skate faster in in-line skates for quads?

Yes and No, it depends on how good you are and/or the bearings.

Does one skate faster on thicker ice?

it depends on how sharp your ice skates are but no

How does change in pressure help in ice skating?

The less pressure the faster you can skate on the ice.

What was the primary motivation of inventing the quad skate?

For better ability to turn and for faster travel

What if your neighbor says she can skate at a speed of 4 meters per second if your time is 20 seconds who skates faster?

Well look, if she skates 4m/1s, and your skate 4m/20s.... she's 20 times faster than you!!

Are in line skates faster than ice skates?

it depends. i have been in line skating since i was 7. it is still very hard for me to ice skate. but my friend crysta,who ice skate thinks it is easy to in line skate.

What is the purpose of a skate board?

to help you get around faster than walking but slower than driving

Why do skateboards go faster on a steep ramp?

its not exactly the skate board. Its how you use your momentum. Even if you do not use momentum gravity will pull u faster down a steep ramp.

What is world fastest game basketball or ice hockey?

Handball lol, some guy who has obviously never been to an ice hockey match. Ice Hockey is faster then both handball and basketball. There is no argument. One can skate faster then one can run due to the lack of friction between the skate blade and the ice.

What do you do in a skate competition?

You skate.

What is an antonym for skate?

Not skate

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