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make it swish

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Q: How do you shoot better baskets in basketball?
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How many baskets should a basketball player shoot per day?

the more the better, perfect practice makes perfect

Why are there baskets in basketball?

There are no baskets in basketball. The name was derived from the original game where peach baskets were hung on the wall and players shot the ball into them. Today we have a rim and a net. Without the rim and net there would be nothing to shoot at.

Can classical music make you shoot better in basketball?

No it dosnt

What are the similarities between wheelchair basketball and regular basketball?

It's both still basketball. They're both highly competitive. You still use your hands to shoot and your goal is still to shoot more baskets than the other team. And of course, the love for the game is still there.

What do players need in a basketball game?

Two baskets and a basketball.

Is it better when shooting a basketball to start from the head chin or chest?

eye i do better when i shoot from my chest

At what height are the baskets hung in a basketball court?

The baskets are 10 foot high.

How was a basketball invented?

there was a school and for P.E. class the teacher didn't know what to do with kids so he put up peach baskets and gave the, a ball to try and shoot into the baskets. the kids really loved it so it was made into a sport.

What is vital in scoring plays in basketball?


How do teams get points in basketball?

By shooting baskets

Who made the first baskets for basketball?


How many baskets do the best basketball players shoot?

a lot. my high school coach wants us shooting 2000/day over the summer. so im sure they shoot a lot more than that

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