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Because when Basketball was first played they used peach baskets. Thus, The name BASKETball.

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Q: How was basketball actually was named basketball?
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What are the mens and womens Australian basketball teams called?

The men's basketball team is named the Boomers and the woman's basketball team is named the Opals.

Why were the New Jersey Nets called the Nets?

"They are named after the nets used on a basketball rim." That is completely wrong, the New Jersey Nets are not named after the nets on a basketball rim. They were actually created in 1967 (may be off a little on the year) by the New Jersey Americans association who moved to Long Island and named the team the Nets because it rhymed with Mets and Jets. Stupid but true.

Is it boy's basketball coach or boys basketball coach?

it is actually boys' basketball coach

Is there a basketball player named Everly?

Yes there is a basketball player named Everly. His name is Jake Everly and he plays college basketball. He plays point guard. For more information search his name.

Is there a team in the basketball named the tigers?

There are No Teams in the NBA named the Tigers

Who named basketball?

James Naismith

Who are friends with Michael Jordan?

Michael Jordan has a great friend named Michael Tuvshinsaikhan and he was actually better at basketball than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant,and Lebron James.

How does basketball work?

You actually can't work a basketball, you can only dribble it!!!

Do basketball players have special shoes?

Yes, they have special shoes made just for playing basketball, and they are appropriately named 'basketball shoes'.

Why was basketball named basketball?

It is named after Brian B. Scalabrine. He was the creator of the sport and really perfected it to what it is today. So the world decided to name the sport after his middle name.

What basketball word starts with k?

well there is a famous basketball player named Kobe Bryant.

Which basketball team is named after the declaration of independent?

The Philadelphia '76ers. Named for the year 1776.

Is Avery a girl name?

Avery is more of a boy name. Avery Johnson is a male former basketball coach. Actually my best friend is named Avery. I also know two more people named Avery and there all girls.

Was there a basketball player named Henly?


What Canadian invented basketball?

The Canadian that invented basketball was named James Naismith. The game was invented in 1891. He was both a Canadian and American basketball coach.

What was used as the orgininal basket in basketball?

The first basket for basketball used was accutally a peach basket and basketball was invented by a canidian named James Naismith! :)

Is there a NBA basketball player named jack?


What Basketball player has a sister that plays basketball?

Anthoy Parker from the Toronto Raptors has a sister named Candice Parker (I think that's how you spell it)who plays basketball.

Basketball was invented in what state?

Basketball was invented Kansas by Dr. Naismith, a professor at KU. The University of Kansas' basketball arena is named the Dean A. Naismith Fieldhouse.

Who thought of the game basketball in the US?

James Naismith created basketball in the U.S. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is in Springfield, Massachusetts and was named in honor of him

What is the name of the basketball team featured in Hatching Pete?

I believe that the high school's basketball team are named the roosters.

What is the name of the athlete who invented basketball?

actually, Dr. James Naismith, a Canadian, invented basketball

Did St Johns basketball team have a player named Lyons?

they had a great shooter named Freddy Lyson...

What were the first basketball nets?

The first net wasn't actually a net. The first basketball hoop was actually a wooden crate with no top or bottom in it and it was nailed high on a post.

What is the name of the creator of basketball?

The creator of basketball was a P.E director and the original basketball hoop was actually a peach basket. His first name I think was Nathian.