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The pitcher is always '1' on a scorecard.

A force out is given the abbreviation /FO

On any play, the player last receiving a thrown ball is always listed last; the player who first touched the ball is listed first, and anyone who touches it in between those is listed sequentially.

Thus, if a line shot is knocked to the ground by the first baseman, and the second baseman then picks it up and throws to the pitcher covering first, it would be recorded as

3-4-1 / FO

Force out, 1B to 2B to pitcher.

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force out

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Q: How do you scorecard runners on base and batter is called out for missing a base?
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A batter hits a home run with runners on first and second but the batter is called out when he touches firstbase and still has the bat in his hands how many bases do the base-runners get?

if the ball is hit out of the park and he gets called out because of that then the runs are forced in beause it was a home run

When a batter believes he has been walked but has'nt and the runnners advance an they are tagged are they out?

Then the runners who are tagged out are called out and the batter goes back to home plate.

Bases loaded nobody out Batter hits a ball and the side is retired making three outs Nobody on the defensive team touches the ball How?

The lead runners could all have been passed by the batter before any of them touched the plate after the batter hit a home run. The three lead runners would all be called out.

Can a runner advance when the batter gets a hit but is called out because he stepped out of the batter's box?

If a batter hits the pitch, either fair or foul, with all of one or both feet completely out of the batter's box, he's out. The ball is dead, and no runners can advance.

Do the base runners have to run when the bases are loaded and the batter hits the ball but gets out before reaching first base?

Yes. Since the batter is forced to run to first base the other runners are forced to advance. However, once the batter is put out at first base the other runners may attempt to go back to their original base.

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In a normal Base On Balls call, the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball. If it's a passed ball or a wild pitch, the batter is still awarded first base and can't do anything else. If there are other runners and they try to advance and the batter interferes after that, he is certainly called out and the runner will have to go back to the base he started from. But on a normal base on balls, the ball is dead and the runners would only advance if they were forced and the catcher wouldn't have to throw the ball anywhere except to the pitcher.

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When pitching to the batter if the pitcher's pivot foot comes off the rubber before the ball leaves his hand is there any penalty?

If there are runners on base, it's a balk. Runners advance one base (MLB Rule 8.05(e)). If there's no one on base, and the pitch is delivered, a ball is called unless the batter reaches base otherwise (MLB Rule 8.01(d)).

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