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Haciendo snowboard

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el snowboard

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Q: How do you say snowboarding in Spanish?
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How do you translate 'snowboarding' into Spanish?

snowboard. The word is a conjugate. It is exactly the same in English and Spanish.

How do you spell snowboarding in spanish?

embarque de la nieve

How do you say hot cocoa skiing snowboarding and the x games in spanish?

Chocolate caliente, esquí en nieve y los juegos X.

What is the best winter sport?

well my favorite winter sport is snowboarding. if i were to ask ten strangers eight out of ten of them would say snowboarding. some would say skiing or ice skating

Is snowboarding hart?

If you meant to say hard, then i would say yes and no. Snowboarding is hard in the fact that it is much more difficult than skiing to learn. But no because once you learn the basics, you progress very fast.

What is Forum Snowboarding's population?

Forum Snowboarding does not have a population as it is a brand specializing in snowboarding products, not a community.

What is the difference between half pipe snowboarding and regular snowboarding?

there is no difference, half pipe snowboarding is just regualr snowboarding on a half pipe

How do you spell snowboarding?

snowboarding, but you already had that correct.

Where can snowboarding music be found?

One can find snowboarding music on You Tube, through the Snowboarding Forum, and the Snowboard Magazine. It has a list of appropriate music for snowboarding.

What is a sentence using snowboarding as a noun?

Snowboarding is an exciting sport.

What are Shaun White's hobbies?

Snowboarding, and Skateboarding

Who founded snowboarding?

Tom Sims invented snowboarding on 1963.