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snowboard. The word is a conjugate. It is exactly the same in English and Spanish.

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Q: How do you translate 'snowboarding' into Spanish?
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How do you say snowboarding in Spanish?

Haciendo snowboard

Where might one go to translate words from Spanish into English?

You can translate words from Spanish to English online at the Google Translate website. Once on the page, enter in the text you want to translate from Spanish in the left box and then click "Translate."

How do you spell snowboarding goggles in french?

lunettes de snowboard According to Google Translate.

How do you translate 'broad street' into Spanish?

buy a spanish dictionary or use 'google translate'

What does a Spanish linguist do?

when you translate Spanish to English or English to Spanish

How do you translate a movie from spanish to English?

Just translate it the same way you translate anything. The words 'a movie' are 'una pelicula' in Spanish

How do you translate Spanish?

You can go to a translate site like Babelfish or Google Translate, or have an interpreter do it for you.

Translate knurled to spanish?

Go to and they will translate it for you for free!

How do us translate charged off in spanish?

How do you translate "IN OFF"

How you make a sentence using the word translate?

i can translate spanish

How do you spell snowboarding in spanish?

embarque de la nieve

Translate journey in Spanish?

Journey in Spanish is viajé

Translate your paradise into Spanish?

tu paraíso is in spanish

How do you translate Love in Spanish?

love is AMOR in spanish

Translate Kayla in spanish?

What does Kayla mean in spanish

Translate what to Spanish?


What is Traduz in Spanish?


What does kaitlin translate to in spanish?

you cant really translate kaitlin into spanish because its the same thing unless you pronounce it in an accent

What does but mean in Spanish?

The conjunction, "but," would translate to "sino" in Spanish.

How do you translate benavidez from English to Spanish?

BENAVÍDEZ is a Spanish surname

Translate File to Spanish?

Archivo. But that's Ecuadorian spanish.

Does re as in regarding translate to Spanish?

not that i have learned in spanish one.

How do you translate fairness to Spanish?

Imparcialidad means fairness in spanish.

How can you translate crawfish etouffee in Spanish?

yes and it is ( in spanish ): amortiguar

How do you translate Loyalty in Spanish?

Loyalty would be 'Lealtad' in Spanish.

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