How do you say Rugby in Fiji?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Its pronounced the same across the world as "Rugby"

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Q: How do you say Rugby in Fiji?
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What is the name of Fiji's rugby stadium?

Post Fiji Stadium

How long has Fiji played rugby?

Rugby football was introduced into Fiji in the 1884 by the British and then added to by New Zealanders

Why Fiji is good in rugby?

There are many things why Fijians are good in rugby. Rugby is considered to be a mans religion in Fiji and possibly women. It is just the nations game.

Sports for Fiji?

Rugby League Rugby Union Cricket Vollyball

What is the national game of Fiji?

Rugby union, or more specifically, rugby sevens.

What are the sports played in Fiji?

rugby and soccer

Where is Fiji staying for rugby world cup?

fiji is staying in tauranga in the bay of plenty

Where is Fiji playing in the RWC 2011?

Fiji is playing Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

What are the cultural links between Fiji and new zealand?

they both enjoy rugby and fiji is the best

Which team won the rugby sevens in 2012?


What is the most common sport played in Fiji?


What is Fiji's points in the International Rugby Sevens table?