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just dive and hope you dont get hurt atleast make the chances of making that great catch.... it all works out in the end

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Q: How do you safely make a diving catch in NFL football?
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What is a circus catch?

'Circus catch' is a term used in baseball (and football also) that means a difficult catch. A diving catch or a catch where an outfielder jumps and reaches over the wall to make a catch and rob the hitter of a home run could be called a circus catch.

How do you get better hands for football?

Have someone play catch with you.and make sure the football is hard.take your time catching the football.eventually you will have better hands.and catch with your finger tips.and this will take months of experience

What is meant by the term 'diving' in a football match?

In a football match the term 'diving' is used to describe an incident when a member of one team pretends to have been tripped up or knocked down by a member of the opposing team. Sometimes a footballer will try and make a minor incident appear to be more serious in order to earn their team a free kick or a penalty.

What are some of the main duties of a football player?

to catch the ball and keep up with the team and make the goals

How do you catch the eye of a football scout?

Whatever position you have, do it right. if your are a lienman, block for yoru quarterback. if your a defensive lineman, get through, make some tackles, and some sacks. If your a cornerback, make sure the wr doesn't get the ball. Simple things you have to do to catch the eye for a football scout.

How do you catch a foul ball in baseball safely?

1st use a glove If no glove is available make sure that as you catch the ball move your hand in the direction the ball is moving there by increasing the time it take for the ball to decelerate

How to make the team as a tight end?

1] Catch the football - no matter what - catch the football. 2] Good lateral movement for blocking. 3] Fast foot speed for getting open and advancing the ball after a catch. 4] Fairly big and tall - if you are really good at the first three, it isn't as important.

How do you you catch a football?

Thumbs together with pointer finger touching.You should make a triangular shape.Now you wont catch exactly like that you wont your hand shaped that way though. Also, when you make the triangle, when the ball is coming at you look the football into the triangle until it goes into your hands. I do that everytime and like 90% of the time I catch it, and I'm white (if race for some reason counts).

How do you make a sentence with safely?

I am driving my car safely to prevent an accident.

Are any watches ment for scuba diving?

Yes Citizen and Seiko make watches ment for diving.

What kind of energy is used when diving?

Diving uses gravitational energy to make the diver fall, and chemical energy to enable the diver to control his or her muscles while diving.

Why does college football have stripes on the ball?

The stripes make the ball easier to pick up in flight therefore easier to catch. This is the reason the NFL does not have stripes making it more difficult for the professionals to catch the ball.

Try to refer back to the missed touchdown catch by VT in the Sugar Bowl. What are the rules behind a catch in college football. Does the ground have an effect on whether it is a catch?

You have to make the catch without using the ground. You have to have at least 1 foot down and you can't have the ground cause a fumble.

What are the properties of fluids that can make diving hazardous?


Do they make portable CD players for diving or surfing?

You can use a water proof portable CD player for diving and surfing.

Can you make money by scuba diving?

Like the old joke goes: "the only way to make a small fortune in scuba diving is to start with a large fortune." Lots of people earn a living with scuba diving, but very few become rich.

How do you signal a fair catch in football?

While the punted ball is in the air the returner will raise his right arm straight up above his head and wave his arm and hand from side to side to signify that he is about to make a fair catch.

How do you make a how to use clay safely guide in school if you cant remember how to use clay safely?

simple you dont

What are the properties of fluids that can make scuba diving dangerous?

The propertie that make the fluids dangerous is nitrogen.

Was zinc used to make old diving suits?

No however manganese was

How do you make your muscles and biceps bigger safely?


Does parsely make you have a miscarriage?

No you can safely eat parsley.

Why is Odysseus in a disguise?

So he can make it home, safely.

Which watch is recommended for scuba diving?

The differences in pressure when one is scuba diving requires a more durable and quality watch. Companies such as Luminox and Citizen, make quality watches, specifically designed for the variables inherent in scuba diving.

What cornerback did Lynn Swann make an unbelievable falling diving catch against in a Super Bowl?

That was Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mark Washington. The play occurred late in the second quarter of Super Bowl X and covered 53 yards.