How do you rugby tackle?

Updated: 3/7/2022
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You grab the guy with the ball around the legs while he is running and if he falls over or stops you have tackled him

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Q: How do you rugby tackle?
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What thing can't you do in tag rugby but can do in rugby union or league?

Tackle an opponent

Why was touch rugby created?

Mainly to introduce rugby to kids who are too young to tackle and such.

What is against to do in a tag rugby game?

Tackle a player

Do chicks like guys that play tackle rugby?

of course they do! rugby players are dead hot (:

What muscle does tackle bag lifts in rugby exercise?


Is it safe to tackle my friend into my computer desk rugby style?

If you are wondering if it is safe to tackle your friend into your computer desk rugby style, then no it is not safe because your desk will damage over time.

Is touch football and touch rugby the same thing?

No. Touch is touch rugby league is tackle google the rules :)