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Tackle an opponent

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Q: What thing can't you do in tag rugby but can do in rugby union or league?
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Where can you find the match report of the first ever rugby league super league?

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What is similar between rugby union and rugby league?

you cant pass the ball forward- 13 positions are the same (league does not have flankers - wing forwards) passing back only knock on offenses trys drop goals penalty goals kick off

What are the rules in rugby league?

rugby league you have the 5 tackel rule (which means your team can only get takled 5 times befour passing the ball to the other team). in under 11 you have no scrums. you can not pass forwards. you have to have the ball in two hands at all times. you cant hit the ball out of other peopols hands. if your in a maul for more than 5 seconds it counts as a takel. (all to gether rugby union is better

Smallest rugby league player?

Im not sure if he is the smallest, but i cant think of any smaller than him... Rob Burrow (Leeds Rhinos) 5ft5" 10 Stone

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no way never Baseball is way better then rugby ... ( i cant name one player let alone a team)

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You cant you can try watching it on TV.

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