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Q: How do you record a delivery if no pins are knocked down?
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How is the scoring process in bowling?

X = Strike / = Spare - = No pins knocked down F = Foul Circled Number = a split with that number of pins knocked down.

How do you bowl a spare?

A spare in bowling is when you knock down all of the pins with both deliveries in a single frame. So, if you knocked down 7 pins on your first ball and knocked down the remaining 3 pins with your second ball, that would be considered a spare.

What is a spare and a strike in bowling?

a strike is all 10 pins knocked down in one try a spare is all 10 pins knocked down in two consecutive tries in the same frame.

If you get 7 strikes in a row how many points would you have?

The scoring for a strike in bowling is 10 plus the number of pins you knock down on the next two deliveries. If the first of those deliveries is another strike, you would get another 10. You would add to that (20) the number of pins you knock down on your next delivery. For example, if you knocked down 7 pins you would get 27 for the first strike (10 + 10 + 7) and for the second strike you would get 10 + 7 + the number of pins you knock down on your next delivery.

How many pins do you get if you get a spare in bowling?

You have to knock down ten pins in two tries to get a spare.

What does a dash in bowling mean?

A dash is used in scoring to indicate no pins were knocked down.

What do - mean in bowling?

A dash ( - ) in bowling is a symbol indicating that no pins were knocked down.

Is it a foul to cross the centerline?

In bowling, the pins knocked down by the ball do not count.

The first roll of the bowling ball knocked down 3 of the 10 pins what percent of the pins were still standing?


If your your first ball knocked down 5 pins and your second knocked down two what is this called?

If you dont mark in a frame (strike or spare) it is an open

Are the foul lines at a bowling alley relevant?

Very much so. If a player crosses the foul line during their delivery they receive a score of 0 for the shot regardless of how many pins are knocked down.

How many actual pins are knocked down when a perfect game is bowled?