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I have seen a couple of ways:

1) throw against a wall

2) throw through a tire hanging by a rope from a tree

I'm sure there are other ways. Use your imagination.

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Q: How do you practice pitching if you don t have a catcher or a pitch back?
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How do you improve your pitching speed at home?

practice practice practice and do drills by yourself off of a pitch-back

Can you pitch back then go into a circle pitching in softball?

No because you have to relese the ball when you take it out of your glove when pitching.

Can a catcher start at catching then go to pitching then back to catching?

i dont know to be quite sure my friend

Who said If you have to have a catcher If you dont the pitch will roll all the way back to the screen?

The quote, "If you have to have a catcher, if you don't, the pitch will roll all the way back to the screen," is attributed to baseball legend and Hall of Famer Yogi Berra. Berra was known for his unique and often humorous way of expressing himself.

Where does the pitcher try to throw his pitch?

The pitcher in baseball trys to throw the ball to the back catcher who is behind the home plate.

Who is the person at your back?

the pitcher, which means you are the catcher.

Is it called a catcher or back catcher?

The full term is Catcher. In Canada it is referred to as Back Catcher.Both are not correct. If it it must be part of your vernacular, then so be it, but both are not correct. If there is a "Back Catcher" then where is the "Front Catcher."In Canada the term "hardball" is used too. Yes, a Baseball is hard, but the ball used in the game is a 'Baseball.'I am a Canadian and am familiar with the term " back catcher." But it was always used in relation to kid's games of softball -- never baseball. "Hardball " is slang and has been used for generations in Canada to distinguish between thosewho play the game using the harder sphere as opposed to the game employing the lighter sphere that doesn't hurt so much when it hits you.surreyfan

Can a player back up a catcher during an intentional walk in major league baseball?

no, a player cannot back up a catcher in an intentional walk.

If an umpire or catcher throws ball past pitcher after a new ball is used or if a ball is checked by ump and given back to catcher can baserunners run?

An umpire is not supposed to throw the ball back to the pitcher with runners on base. If he does the ball is dead from the time he touches it to the time the pitcher has the ball on the pitching mound. So the runners cannot advance.

Who stands behind the batter in rounders?

The catcher, and behind the catcher is the Umpire.

Can a pitcher be put into a position on the field after pitching to pitch later in the game?

It depends on the level of play. Some allow that if the starting pitcher is removed from the mound, but put in a defensive position, he can then come back to pitch later in the game, but only once an inning.

The practice of shiatus can be traced back to which country?

The practice of shiatsu can be traced back to China.