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The United States plays both American style football and soccer.

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Q: What countries play football or soccer?
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How does someone play soccer football?

Technically speaking, football is soccer. In Austalia they have a sport called football, and that's why the original football is called soccer (confusing lol). But in most countries, soccer is football.

Why is soccer the most popular?

Soccer is the most popular sport because many countries play soccer. Soccer is know as football, pronounced fut-ball.

Which countries play football and not soccer?

Football is the correct name of the game. The term soccer is used mainly abroad, for example in the USA. As they already have American football. The term soccer would be frowned upon if used in the UK as a reference to football.

Does China play soccer?

No they play football

What does a middle field player in soccer do?

Play football Play football

What is a sport played in both New Zealand and Mexico?

Both countries play lots of soccer football.

What countries call football soccer?


What does some countries call soccer?


What is Noun for soccer?

football in some countries

What countries call soccer football?


What countries around the world play football?

Nearly every country plays FutBol (soccer, sounds like football), however, America and Canada are the only countries that play Football professionally (as in the sport with tackling, bla blah)Every country play football in a way or other.

Soccer vs football?

It depends on what you mean by soccer vs football. If you are referring to the beautiful game. Most countries and territories call it football or something similar to the name. However, some countries say soccer(Association Football) because they have other sports or versions of football, such as American Football, Canadian Football, Australian Football, Gaelic Football and Rugby Football.

Do they play soccer?

yes, the majority of the worlds nations play football or soccer

How do you say i want to play soccer in spanish?

"Quiero jugar fútbol"Note that in countries where spanish is spoken "fútbol" means soccer, not football (as in American Football) although the pronunciation is the same

What sports does Tunisia play?

They play football (soccer).

How many spanish speaking countries play soccer?

five spanish speaking countries play soccer

What is the diff between football and soccer?

is noneAnother AnswerGeography.In USA, Football is a different sport from soccer: in most other countries, the game of soccer is called football.

Can you be a football kicker if you play soccer?

kicking a soccer ball and football are very different but you can but it is rare.

Do they play football in haiti?

yes but they call soccer football so technically they are playing soccer

How do you need to play football?

what kind of football soccer or something

Why does Italy call soccer football?

Many countries call soccer football, mainly because they do not play American (NFL-style) football, or if they do, it's not as popular as soccer. The term "football" refers to a category of games in which the ball makes contact with the foot in the normal course of play. This is certainly true of soccer, and to a lesser extent, rugby and the NFL. It is customary for the most-popular football game in a country or region to be called "football", using various other names for the other forms of football. The proper name for soccer is "Association Football".

Can you name which countries play soccer?

About 252 countries play soccer. So..yeah..all the European countries and North America.

What is another noun for soccer?

football in some countries

What sport do soccer players play?

They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

Who is the Denmark football team?

Denmark doesn't play American football, but they do play soccer.