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Practice, Practice, Practice, and have a good coach.

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Q: How do you now your good at basketball?
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Was Michael Jordan successful at golf?

yes he is and he is good at basketball is originally was doing golf but now he does basketball

What is most impressive about Michael Jordan?

He is a famous black basketball player and he is good but not good now

How is basketball now?

Basketball ist gut

What does a good basketball shoe have in it?

good basketball foot....

How do you get good at basketball?

Everyone who is good at basketball became good through one concept: practice.

What is a good intro for a basketball speech?

a good intro for a basketball speech is : this is dedicated to all the people that love basketball

Are the Sacramento Kings a good basketball team?

Yes, they are a good basketball team.

Is a basketball court a good surface for a basketball?


Is basketball a good sport?

Basketball is the best sport ever

Why chuck Taylor are not good for basketball?

They are great for basketball do to the flexibility

How he became a basketball player?

He just played basketball and he was good at it

Was the inventor of basketball a good basketball player back in the day?


What do you need to do to get a scholarship for basketball?

By having a good basketball skills

What did Michael Jordan do that was significant?

He was a very good basketball player. A VERY good basketball player.

What the difference in basketball now and basketball in 1978?

First of all back in 1978 they wore short shorts and now we dont. they played with different rules then what we have now.

What is a good name for a ladies club?

NBA... No Boys Allowed. Most guys like Basketball am i right? So, I say this is a good name. Now WHO'S WITH ME!?

How good are you in basketball?


Why are you good in basketball?

look at me

How do you get in NCAA basketball?

You have to have good grades and you have to go to school and you have to have a good jump shoot and good score and good defence and best or can play in basketball.

What does NBA stands for?

national basketball association Right now it stands for No Basketball for America

Is ipfw women's basketball good?

Ipfw womens basketball is very good. It like the team a lot

Why does a basketball have good grip?

A basketball has a good grip so that the players find it easier to control and hold.

How can basketball be improved?

Basketball really can't be improved- the game is as good as it can be.

What are the effects of basketball?

Makes u strong, good at basketball and tired

Was Hitler a good basketball player?

Hitler never played basketball.