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Q: How do you make your own Quidditch game?
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What happens if you catch a Golden Snitch in quidditch?

You end and win the quidditch game.

Why did harry get captain of the quidditch game?

Probably because he was an excellent quidditch player himself.

How do you unlock bonus quidditch in Harry Potter and the half-blood prince game?

To unlock bonus quidditch look up "Bonus Quidditch How To" on youtube it gives you complete instructions on how to unlock bonus quidditch spread the word the world must expereinece 100% of the game.

How long does a Quidditch match last?

A game of Quidditch will continue until the Snitch has been caught .

Can you compare the game of quidditch to any other game?

It's a bit like basketball and soccer. wouldn't you agree? but quidditch is mostly creativity.

How long is a Quidditch game?

A Quidditch game will continue until the golden snitch is caught, they have been known to go on for weeks - sometimes even months.

What is the game with brooms in Harry Potter?


Can you make your own game?

Yes u can make your own website or game.

How to make your own game?

You can make your own game using Sploder. A similar service is Game Gonzo.

What does quidditch mean?

Quidditch is a sports game played on flying brooms by witches and wizards in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter franchise.

What game does Harry Potter play on brooms?


How many Quaffles are in a game of Quidditch?

Only 1

What is the popular game played in the Harry Potter books?


What is the name of the game played with the brooms and flying balls on Harry Potter?

The game is called Quidditch.

How do you play quidditch in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix game?

you cant

How can you create your own Wii game?

Well you could buy Create...a game where you make your own game.

How do you make the game factor captor?

You can make your own FactorCaptor game board by printing off the game board from Or you can do your own search for teaching sites that have this game.

Do real people play quidditch?

Quidditch is a sport played by those of great wealth in England. Specially customised brooms are created and they give the user the ability to fly and play the game of Quidditch. The snitch is usually a flying rat that is often hard to catch.

How did JK Rowling come up with the game Quidditch?

She had an argument with her boyfriend! She marched out of the house and went to the pub. To take her mind off the quarrel, she started to think about Harry Potter. She decided that sport was a uniting factor in every society, so she would invent a wizarding sport. She spent the evening working out all the rules for the game, then spent ages choosing a name for it. She knew the word had to begin with Q, and she says "Quidditch" is the best word she ever thought up. In her own words: "I don't really know what the connection is between the row and Quidditch, except that Quidditch is quite a violent game, and maybe in my deepest darkest soul I would quite like to see him [the boyfriend] hit by a bludger."

What is the name of the game played by Harry Potter and his teammates on broomsticks?

It is called Quidditch.

What is the name of the game that Harry Potter and his teammates play on broom sticks?


How do you make your own island on

No, you can not make your own island unless you create your own game. That is the creaters job. :)

Is there games online where you can make your own levels?

there is an online game called roblox where you can make your own game and play the ones from other people

What to install to make your own ps2 video game?

how to make aplaystoin video game

How do you make my own PS3 game?

You need a license from Sony to make a PS3 game