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Construction varies. Generally the core of the ball is cork, rubber, or a mixture of the two, and is sometimes layered. Around that are various linear materials including yarn and twine, sometimes wool is used. A leather cover is put on, in two pieces, and stitched together using 108 stitches of waxed red cotton thread. Rolled stitching is flatter and creates less air-resistance. This is the type of stitching used for major league balls and is ideal for the game and everyday play. Official Major League balls sold by Rawlings are made to the exact MLB specifications (5 ounces, 108 stitches) and are stamped with the signature of Commissioner Allan "Bud" Selig on each ball.

Baseballs are made from a cork/rubber ball, various sized yarn, and leather. Starting with the ball, the thickest yarn is wound around it, and at various points a smaller yarn is wound around each layer. Last the layer of yarn is covered by the leather tied together by red yarn.

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Q: How do you make a baseball?
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