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The center of home plate will be where the two foul poles meet at a right (90 degree) angle

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Q: How do you locate home plate once foul poles are installed?
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How far is the foul poles from home plate in major league baseball?

it varies from ballpark to ball park there is no regulation

Baseball foul poles?

Foul poles help umpires decide if a ball (that went passed the wall) is fair or foul.

What is the two colors of foul poles in Major League Baseball?

Both of the foul poles are usually a bright yellow, however, a few ballparks have orange foul poles

Is a ball sitting on home plate fair or foul?


What do you call the lines drawn between 1st 2nd 3rd and home?

There is no actual line drawn between 1B and 2B or between 2B and 3B. The chalked lines between home plate and 1B and home plate and 3B are called the foul lines, and they extend all the way to the outfield fence. There are vertical poles where the foul lines touch the outfield fence, and they are called the foul poles. But the foul lines and the foul poles are in fair territory. There is a great book titled "Why Is The Foul Pole Fair?" by Vince Staten. It provides an answer to this question (and a lot of other cool stuff about baseball), though no explanation is given as to why the names have never been changed to "fair line" and "fair pole."

Is home plate considered fair or foul territory?

Fair or Foul TerritoryIn MLB, home plate is part of fair territory. The foul lines start at the back of the plate. All bases are fair territory.

Where do the foul lines intersect with home plate?

the foul lines come directly to the point on the back of home plate. that is why a ball off the plate is a fair ball

If the ball hits home plate is it fair or foul?

Home plate is considered in fair territory. If the ball hits home plate and rolls into foul territory, the ball is foul. If the ball hits home plate and rolls into fair territory, the ball is fair.

What happens when a fly ball hits the Foul pole?

Foul poles are poles that are placed vertically on a baseball field. They mark the areas where an umpire must look when determining if a ball is foul or fair. If a ball hits the foul pole, it is considered to be fair, and thus a home run.

Is home plate in foul territory in softball?


What stadium was built with foul poles in foul territory?

Dodger Stadium in 1962. The error was corrected the following season.

The umpire calls a batted ball that hits home plate first a foul ball is it fair or foul?

if it bounces fair and stays far its fair if it went foul and stayed foul it foul... if it hit the plate and hit the batter while he was in the batters box its foul if it hit him out of the batters box he is out

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