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line up your ball with the hole and your bat with the ball

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Q: How do you line up a golf shot?
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Can you lie on ground to line up golf shot?

the answer is yes, i dont know if you watch alot of golf but camillo villegas's nickname is spiderman because that is how he lines up his putts

What is a lay up in golf?

Lay up" is a term that refers to a golfer choosing to hit a shot shorter than he is capable of in order to avoid a hazard or to position the golf ball in a certain spot on the hole. Also known as lay up shot.

Lay-up shot is a term associated with which of the game?

basketball, volleyball, golf

How do you aim a golf ball?

Line up the printing on ball along target line.

When did Best Shot Pro Golf happen?

Best Shot Pro Golf happened in 1996.

What is a fade in golf?

(For a right hander) A fade is a shot in golf, which starts to the left of the target line and moves back towards the target. For a right hander it is a left to right shot, for a left hander it is a right to left shot. A fade is quite a nice shot to hit, it is useful when trying to get a shot to land softer, or take a couple of yards of a club.

What is a stroke in golf?

A strock in golf is called a shot

Lay up shot is a term associated with what game?

A lay-up is a form of basketball shot.A "lay-up shot" is a golf term for a shot short of the green when it cannot be reached for some reason.

How do you use a Wilson 8x20 golf range finder?

Unobstructed View Stand in the fairway next to your ball with a clear view of the hole. Hold the golf scope up to your eye. Line up the bottom of the flagstick with the horizontal line marked "Green" in your viewfinder. Read the numbers that are lined up with the top of the flagstick. That is your yardage. Select the golf club that corresponds with that distance and take your shot. Obstructed View If the base of the flag is obstructed and the course you are playing has striped flagsticks, line up the bottom line in the golf scope with the lowest visible stripe of the flagstick. Find the number lined up with the top of the flagstick. Multiply the number of stripes you can see on the flag by the number lined up with the topic of the flagstick. Then divide by eight. As an example, if the number of stripes you see is five, and the distance you measured in the golf scope was 140 yards, the distance is 87.5 yards. Tips If your course does not have striped flagsticks and you can't see the base of the pin, the golf scope will not be accurate. Most golf scopes measure in yards and meters. Clean your golf scope with a clean, damp cloth after each round. Blow out any visible dust before you wipe it down.

When was Best Shot Pro Golf created?

Best Shot Pro Golf was created on 1996-06-14.

What things are thirteen yards long?

Anything that measures 39 feet. A boat? A property line? a football play? a golf shot?

What name is given to a short shot in golf?

A 'Chip Shot' or a 'Pitch Shot'

Second chance for first shot in Golf?

A second chance at your first shot in golf is referred to as a "mulligan". Of course, it is not within the Rules of Golf, but weekend players do it all the time.

Yamaha g1 golf cart with a 2 stroke engine How can you disconnect the governor?

How to remove and line up a flyway on G1 golf cart

What is a drop shot in golf?

A drop shot is when you lose a shot to par, i.e a bogey or worse.

Are golf drivers rare?

no they aren't. Every single golf players has to have a driver to play the first shot in golf

Missed shot in golf?


What should you do in golf if you swing at the ball and miss?

Line back up and try again.

What is an ob in golf?

This stands for out of bounds. It is an area of the golf course or off the golf course which is not in play. If you hit your ball out of bounds, you cannot play your next shot from there, you must re-hit your shot from the place you originally played from. There is a one shot penalty for hitting out of bounds.

What is a Ball that is shot inside the three point line is not a free throw?

It can be a dunk, lay up, or midrange shot.

What is the penalty for hitting a shot out of bounds in golf?

One shot penalty and you must replay the previous shot.

How much is a stroke in golf?

One stroke is one shot or attempted shot.

What is the golf term for a swing and a miss?

An air shot. It counts as one shot.

What is the rule if your golf ball is in a hole and you can not swing your club?

Take it out of the hole and take a one shot penalty and place the ball no closer to the pin and in line with the hole.

How is geometry used in sports?

you have to line your arm up to get a good shot