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By lifting the edge with your hockey stick

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Q: How do you lift the puck off the ice?
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Why are hockey sticks shaped the way they are?

to help lift the puck off the ice

In the NHL is it legal to carry the puck on your stick and lift it off the ice Generally done for trick shots or to confuse the goalie.?


Does the puck have to hit the ice in a face-off?


What is the kick off in ice hockey called?

puck drop

Does the rough ice effect the speed of the puck in ice hockey?

yes rough ice does effect the speed of the puck in ice hockey. it makes the puck go slower then if it was smooth ice.

What is the method of starting play in a hockey game?

Hockey play starts with a face-off where the referee drops the puck between two opposing players at center ice. Play begins when the puck hits the ice.

How much does an official ice hockey puck weigh?

An official ice hockey puck weighs approximately 8oz.

In which sport do you play with a 'puck'?

The Game of Ice hockey is played with a Puck.

What is a puck in ice hockey?

the small rubber disk is called a puck.

What is called a 'Puck' in Ice-hockey?

A puck is call a puck in Ice-Hockey it is a small rubber disc, where the goal is to get that disc into the back of your opponent's net more than they do to you.

In hockey what is a saucer pass?

ok, so a saucer pass is basically like a light wrist shot...but a pass you just lift the puck slightly off the ice when you pass it to do that, start with the puck on the heel of your blade and bring it back and turn your wrist over when you follow through. hope that helped =]

What is a wrist shot in hockey?

A wrist shot is using you wrist to shoot a puck without slapping it off ice, you keep it on the ice when you shoot.

How do you restart a game of hocky after a goal is scored?

The puck should be brought back to center ice. A referee should drop the puck in a standard face off to restart the game.

How long do you freeze a puck before you use it on ice?

you dont have to freeze a puck

Which travels fastest to the goal on ice a hockey puck or a hockey ball?

the puck.

What game uses the word puck?

"Ice Hockey" uses the word puck.

Start of play in ice hockey?

Play in ice hockey is initiated by a whistle. The puck is dropped center ice, where towp layers (from from each team) squares off and tries to hit the puck behnd them to their team mates. This process is known as a faceoff. From there on, play continues as normal.

When the puck in hockey what is that called?

this makes no sense!!!! If you mean when the puck is in motion on the ice, it called the " puck in play " .

What sport uses ice puck and stick?

ice hockey

How a hockey game is started?

the referee goes to the center ice face off dot and a player from each team go to the face off dot and the referee drops the puck and the two players at the center battle for the puck e

Is a puck the stick in ice hockey?

In ice hockey, a puck is a hard rubber disc, one inch thick, three inches in diameter. A hockey stick is used, as a tool, to propel a puck.

When was the ice hockey puck invented?

The modern hockey puck was invented around 1875.

What is a puck stopper in ice hockey?

A puck stopper is another name for a goaltender in hockey.

Does a frozen hockey puck slide further on ice?

Yes a cold dry puck will slide much better than a wet puck. If your puck is held in your hand and becomes warm, the puck will stick...

How thick is a hockey puck?

A standard ice hockey puck is one (1) inch thick.