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when yours becomes too short for you when you are on your skates ( below your chin) , or just when you don't feel comfortable with the stick.

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Q: How do you know when it is time to buy a new hockey stick?
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Where can you buy a plastic hockey stick?

There are loads of sites in which you can buy a hockey stick such as eBay.

Where can you buy a warrior hockey stick?


What is a good hockey stick to buy?


Where to buy a field hockey stick in MA?

You can buy a field hockey stick from many different locations. Dick's, Sports Authority, Modell's, Olympia Sports, adn almost every sports store. There are also many websites that you can buy a stick from.

How much is a hockey stick autographed by the 2010 US Olympic Hockey Team?

buy it from me for 2 cents

What is the value of a hockey stick signed by the 1960 Indian olympic hockey team?

o ill buy it from u its worth 3720$

How can you increase the shaft length of your wooden hockey stick?

Not meaning to be facetious, but the answer is to buy a new, longer shafted stick.

What gift would you give a girl that loves hockey?

you can give her some hockey cards, buy her a jersey, get her a hockey stick, get her a poster, get her a video game about hockey, design her a hockey shirt or maybe get her a movie about hockey.

What is the best field hockey stick to purchase?

The best kind of stick to purchase in field hockey is a composite stick. You may also buy a wooden one, but the composite sticks are heavier, making the ball go further when you hit it. However, composite sticks are more expensive. How do you know which are composite an which are wood? - It will either say it on the stick, or you will be able to tell by the weight of the stick. Composite sticks are a lot heavier.

Do hockey players buy their own hockey sticks?

Some at the highest level may be sponsored their stick (either having it paid for by a sponsor or given directly to them by the manufacturer for publicity) and others at the lowest may borrow a friend's stick. However, almost all will buy their own stick.

How is a street hockey stick different from a ice hockey stick?

It is really the price, today most people buy cheaper wooden sticks off about 5-20 dollars to use for street hockey, but for ice hockey, most people that play buy aluminum sticks that can go from 50-200 dollars depending on the brand and size

What is a good hockey stick to buy to get autographed?

a professional one that will show a signature

You wanted to buy a composite hockey stick and was wondering wheather to buy an Easton or Reebok and which stick?


How do you put an extension in a hockey stick?

You dont. Gotta buy a new stick. well, if your a handyman you will probably find a way though.

How do you play underwater hockey?

well if you want to play underwater hockey you go to your nearest underwater hockey shop and buy the latest equipment including i stick a helmet, gloves and some togz.

What is the difference between junior and youth hockey sticks?

Well normally around 4 inches but if you want a good deal if you are looking for a stick that is junior length you can buy the youth stick and 1 end plug and shove it in the back of the youth stick. But only in a composite hockey stick. Also normally a youth hockey stick can be about 50 dollars cheaper ten the junior. The end plugs are about 5 to 7 dollars. good luck

Can you still buy victoriaville hockey sticks?

Apparently the Victoriaville hockey stick company was bought by Rawlings 1997 and the factory was shut down a few years later.

Best hockey stick?

Technically speaking, there is no "best" hockey stick, though there are many good ones. Personally, I would choose Reebok 10k. It also depends on what position you are, and what kind of player you are. Are you a grinder? Sniper? Dangler? These all help determine the attributes of yourself, and what kind of stick you should buy.

Where can you buy tape for the butt end of your hockey stick?

You use the same tape as would for the blade of your stick. Most sport stoors usually carry tape

What is the icing rule in hockey?

I saw an ice hockey event yesterday. It was so excited that I almost fall in love with this event. But I live in China now. Do you know how to buy ice hockey tickets? I usually buy sports tickets from, but have no idea for ice hockey tickets.

What happens if you break your hockey stick?

If you break your hockey stick in a game you must drop it immediately (unless there has been a stoppage in play). If you continue to play with or do not set down your broken stick you will get a 2 min. penalty. Most players bring two sticks to hockey games and practices in case they do brake their first stick. If you do not have a spear you can usually barrow a team mates or go to the rinks pro shop and buy a new on right away. It is always a good idea to have two hockey sticks. In some cases your stick can be fixed. If the brake is in the right spot it can even be cut down and given to a kid. Unless you have fixed broken sticks before, I suggest having someone who knows what they are doing fix it for you. If all else fails and you must throw away your stick think again! There are people who actually make furniture out of hockey sticks. They look so cool. I know of two people. Be creative and try it yourself. You can't break your stick much more:)

How do you weigh a hockey stick?

Most hockey sticks have the weight somewhere on the shaft in grams. If you're looking to buy one, ask someone, all new sticks should have the weight printed on them. Not sure of the best way to weigh an old stick which doesn't have its weight printed on the shaft.

Where can you buy diphenyl oxalate?

i don't know if you can buy them but i know where you can get them, inside the small tube of a glow stick, the tube with the color liquid inside.

How do you tell if a field hockey stick is broken?

The answer to this question is very difficult as it depends on what kind of stick you use... wooden, composite, full composite... First - do a visually check of the stick to see for any breaks or fractures usually that will give you an idea. Secondly - the best thing to do would be to listen out for the sound the stick makes when you hit the ball and if its not a solid sound and the stick vibrates a lot then it maybe broken. Thirdly - before you buy another stick show it to your coach or someone who is experienced and has many years of hockey behind them to see if they agree with your evaluation and in most cases these people will know if the stick is broken or not just by doing the first two points i made.

Which website would you recommend to buy hockey skates online?

I buy most hockey stuff at