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Currently in Toronto, you can buy a floorball stick at:

  • Just Hockey Source for Sports
  • Marchant's School Sport
  • Online at

For a complete list of retailers go to and click on Store Locator.

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You can buy a Field Hockey stick from many different locations. Dick's, Sports Authority, Modell's, Olympia Sports, adn almost every sports store. There are also many websites that you can buy a stick from.

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Hockey sticks can be found and purchased at large department stores with sporting good sections such as Walmart, Target and Kmart. Dick's Sporting Goods and Modell's are sport themed stores which are likely to also have hockey sticks on hand.

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Try looking at your local sports store or see if you can buy one online and have it shipped to your house

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Q: Where can I buy field hockey sticks in Toronto?
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What can be done with a million hockey sticks without blades to make money?

we are manufacture of ice hockey sticks, and also blades. you can buy blades only to match your sticks. vivian Skype:sunnywang331

Where can you buy mini hockey sticks?

like at pro shops in ice rinks and online like on

Where can you buy 38.5 hockey sticks?

Mate there aren't much go for a 37 or 36 maybe 36.5

How do you make custom mini hockey sticks to look like real hockey sticks With graphic and stuff?

You gotta buy them online snd make their own curve by putting it over the stove and makin a curve then design them will sharpie

Can you still buy victoriaville hockey sticks?

Apparently the Victoriaville hockey stick company was bought by Rawlings 1997 and the factory was shut down a few years later.

How much does the S17 hockey stick weigh?

It all depends on the stick that you buy. There are wooden sticks and composite sticks. The Wooden sticks are much heavier than composite sticks so most goalies prefer composite. Usually the Composite sticks are about 600 to 700 grams.

How do I choose a field hockey stick?

The length of the stick is important. Make sure your stick of choice reaches your hip bone area while holding the stick upright on the ground, against the side your leg. Hockey sticks that are too long or short are uncomfortable to play with. Also make sure the stick's grip is very firm between the hands, better grip means better control of the ball. Its usually best to ask some field hockey players what kind of sticks they like and then maybe go out and try some to see if it suits you. Sticks are designed differently with many different makes like Grays, Malik, Mercian, TK, Slazenger, Dita, Gryphon and even Adidas now... If you can go to a hockey outlet and try the sticks before you buy them, then that is the best way to go as buying a hockey stick is like buying Trainers or Clothes, it all depends on how comfortable you feel with it.t depends on what you want. If you want a stick for dribbling then any lightweight stick with a good head will do fine. If you want one for flicking, aerials and so forth get a stick with curve. The more the better. However the more you have then it can become less good when dribbling. If you are a big hitter then you want a stick that is strong and durable with a good amount of curve. grays are probily the most durable of all so you might want to go for one of them. Before you buy your stick know what you want. I strongly recommend going on all the major makers: Voodoograysgryphonditamurcial When you choose your stick i very strongly recommend you go to barrington sports (just type it in on Google) As when i got my stick that website saved me a fortune!

What can you buy with sticks in pixie hollow?

You have to be membership to buy stuff with sticks. You can buy clothes, furniture and many more stuff.

Where can you buy a plastic hockey stick?

There are loads of sites in which you can buy a hockey stick such as eBay.

Where can you buy an Easton Wayne Gretzky Aluminum Pro 5100 Hockey Stick?

Sorry but they are no longer available. My uncle owned Northland hockey until it went out of business some 20 years ago.

Where is a good place to buy BB guns in Toronto?

where can you buy bb guns in toronto

What can you store your field hockey equipment in?

A majority of players buy specialised equipment bags; these can usually be bought from the same shops that supply sticks, balls and other equipment. These range in size from holding a couple of sticks and a spare ball to 10 sticks, plus your uniform and shinpads and shoes, and all of your other gear. Goalkeeping equipment bags are also available, and also range in size from being perfect for the smallest sets to fitting spare pads plus your entire set with room to spare.