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i dont know i need help!

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โˆ™ 2009-04-21 00:54:34
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Q: How do you create a skater on Tech Deck live?
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How do you download tech deck live?

now dowlnload tech deck live beta

When will tech deck live come out?

Tech Deck Live Beta Testers say that it comes out "soon". It comes out almost mid August. They need to put up a couple more ramps then Tech Deck Live is free for everyone. Keep shredding!

How do you sign up in Tech Deck live?

tech deck live is not opened yet. so you can't sign up. it will be released in June 2010.

You can get into Tech Deck live?


What year is Tech Deck live coming out?

never tech decks suck

How do you make a Tech Deck live?

no they havent

When will Tech Deck Live be released?


How do you play Tech Deck live?


Are there any games like Tech Deck Live?


Is the Tech Deck live game free?


What is the best game sight to go on?

tech deck live.................................

How can you play Tech Deck live?

whoa. too inapproprite.

Has Tech Deck live come out yet?

the end of July

What year are they opening Tech Deck live?

its open now

What is the best Tech Deck ever?

ok i am a pro at tech decking i win some tech deck comps and i keep using the same board because it is really a great board but the one i keep on using is the foundation duffel party animal which is used by a pro skater named corey duffel it is light so you get good air it got good pop and great griptape and the wheels are cool its great if you are intrested in buying it here is a link of what it looks like you can get it from kmart if you live in australia or if you live in america you can get it from wall mart

Can you play Tech Deck live?

Shutup do some research and tell me

Why wont Tech Deck live let you on?

Cos you're a douche

Where do you sign up for Tech Deck live?

Try there should be some links

When is Tech Deck live going to be online?


Are there any online skateboarding rpgs?

ya tech deck live but its not open yet

How do you go to Tech Deck live com?

You must search it in the google and find

Name all of the Tech Deck?

This is virtually impossible. There are about 50 different tech decks coming out every month. These Alter to where you live and there are different brands every year.

The game you saw online Tech Deck live when Is it going to come out so you can play it?

mabye in Jan or feb

Where and how can you make your Tech Deck better you live in new york?

Just go to: Then click: Tips and tricks!!!! And there you have it!

How do you enter Tech Deck live?

the game isn't ready the game isn't ready when will it be ready