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don't go too fast at the beginning of the race start of with slowly

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Q: How do you improve on long distance running?
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Do ankle weights improve running speed?

Yes it does help a good bit because it strengthens the muscles in the legs and can greatly improve stamina through long distance

Can smoking Tobacco improve running faster?

No, it will cause shortness of breath decreasing your running distance and speed.

How is stamina produced?

you improve your stamina by doing long distances jogging running swimming you improve your stamina by doing long distances jogging running swimming

How do you improve sprint running?

You could improve sprint running by practicing sprints. Short distance running and burst running are both excellent practice tools for improving sprint running. You might also try exercises that strengthen your breathing.

How do you become better at long distance running?

probably by running

How long does training take before running long distances?

Its take a lot of training for long distance running such as your breathing training for long distance you have to learn how to breath for the running and of course the training for the running it usually takes a month for the training.

What sport does MoFarah?

Long distance running.

Where did long distance running originated?


Is long distance running an aerobic sport?

Long distance running is an aerobic sport, meaning that it requires the processing and use of oxygen by the cardiovascular system.

What organelles would increase in the muscles if running long distance?

Running long distance will require more energy. For this number of mitochondria will increase in the muscles.

What do you do to improve a long distance relationship?

To be honest,a long-distance relationship never really works. But if you want to try to improve it,maybe you can try webcam dates,emails,or daily visits.

Can a greyhound run long distance?

No, they are more accustomed to sprinting, rather than long distance running.

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