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The heading of a soccer ball must first occur if the ball is above the waist of the player attempting to do the header. Secondly it is advisable to head the ball on the forehead as this will allow you to direct the football and can generate power if you move your neck backwards and then forward to hit the ball. lastly don't close your eyes before, during or after you head the ball. This may cause you to 'mis-head' the ball.

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If someone kicks the ball at you very hard you could possibly get a concussion. Unfortunately your neck would most likely snap back when you get hit.

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Yes, if the hit is hard enough.

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Q: How do you head the ball in soccer and get no concussion?
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What are some bad things about soccer that start with the letter C?

concussions - Many soccer players experience a concussion from hitting the ball with their head.

What does non concussive concussion means?

Non concussive is when something soft strikes the head of a human being in a way that not does not cause injury. An example is hitting a soccer ball with your head. It is called a "non concussive blow".

Do people get head injuries from soccer?

All the time, you can't go a week without a players head bleeding. Chelsea keeper Petr Cech got his head injured so badly he now has to wear a helmet all the time to protect his head, his skull was caved in. Concussion-like effects from heading the ball are not rare in soccer.

What was the first soccer ball?

The first soccer ball used was the head of a captured prisoner

What sport do you head the ball in?


Can you die from a soccer ball?

If the soccer ball hits a certain part of your head then yes you could die.

What is it called when a soccer player deflects the ball with his head?

Giving head

Is it bad when you get hit in the head by a pool ball?

I got hit by a pool ball in the head so I wanted to noe if it's bad to get hit in the head by a pool ball YES I got hit in the head with a snow shovel and a basket ball and they both hurt and i got a concussion

How does a soccer ball represent a person?

it represents a persons head in a ball shape!

What is heading when you play soccer?

When you touch the ball with your head and it goes away it is called heading. you can head a ball into the net.

What is it called in soccer when a player contacts the ball with their head?

A "header".

What is two ways to score in soccer?

Kick the ball into the net or hit the ball with your head into the net.