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Q: How do you get your car in the rally?
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How much is a rally car?

As much as you wait to pay for one. A rally car can be a normal everyday family car, and you can make it into a rally car depending on how much money you have. You don't need certain parts for a rally car, but they all help.

When was Rental car rally created?

Rental car rally was created in 2008.

What is a rally track?

A rally track is a dirt course with bumps and sometimes obstacles to dodge around. You are usually in a 'rally car' which is a modified car.

Where can one find rally car parts online?

The leading online retailer of rally car parts is the website Rally Sport Direct. The website offers all the parts one needs to fix any problem on any rally car.

In which episode of Family Guy does Peter get a rally car?

It doesn't appear Peter ever obtains a rally car.

What is the rally car race event called?

WRC or World Rally Championship.

What does a rally car look like?

A rally car looks like an everyday car but with safety features inside, stickers, and sometimes fancy paint jobs and bumper-lights.

Do you have car rally games?

User #1 (Craig): I have Colin McRae Rally 2005.

Who are the best drivers?

Rally car drivers.

Do they do rally car driving in the Olympics?

No The 1936 Olympics in Berlin included a car rally. It was won by Miss Betty Haig who started from Birmingham, England in a Singer.

Is a Mitsubishi lancer a sports car?

kind of. its a rally car. which is considered to be sports car. So, yes

What car is Sebastien Loeb in the first season of the world rally championship career?

If you look right back, his first World Rally Championship Event was in a Citroen Saxo S1600 (Junior Championship) BUT his first proper World Rally Car was the Citroen Xsara WRC

What automaker produces the Impreza?

Subaru, a Japanese car manufacturer, produces the Impreza. The Impreza was first designed and used as a race-ready rally car for the Subaru World Rally Team.

How do Rally Teams get money?

Rally teams get money from sponsors, which are featured as stickers on the side of the car(s) that are owned by that team.

Need a catchy team name and slogan for our golf teams Rally for Cure Golf Event. We have to display this on our golf carts.?

What type of rally is it? If it is a car rally what about 'Driving fore the cure'.

What is a rally car drivers salary?

too high

The fastest rally car in the world?

there is not a official yet

How do you say rally car driver in french?


What is the name of the first rally car?

A 1895 Peugeot

I would like photos of cars in the Bi centennial Mercedes Benz car rally 1988?


How fast can a rally car go?

105 km/h. You may read more about rally car at I hope this can help you.

What are the ratings and certificates for Skippy - 1967 Sports Car Rally 1-2?

Skippy - 1967 Sports Car Rally 1-2 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How fast does the RC Suburu rally car go?

There are thousands of rc subaru rally cars so it is nearly impossible to know

What is Lancia Stratos famous for?

The Lancia Stratos is a rally car which was manufactured by the Italian car manufacturer Lancia. It is most famous for winning several rally championships, particularly between the years of 1974-1976.

What was the first ever rally car?

the ford escort which was the makest card since the smart car