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you get companies to sponsor you by going local and then get better offers and then go global and then your in business

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Q: How do you get company sponsor?
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Why does nike sponsor the people they sponsor?

Because its a good shoe company

What is the sponsor of Kerry?

Kerry Group, which are a food company, sponsor the Kerry teams.

Does Nike sponsor kids?

Company like Nike will sponsor a team, if the team is getting lots of media attention then yes. chances are Nike will sponsor equipment. your daughter has to be very good for a company to sponsor one single player.

How do you be a skateboard sponsor?

work at a skateboarding company

Which company was the title sponsor of IPL?


Sponsor for tomorrow is punchline of which company?


What is participating sponsor?

Company taking part in

Where can you take nccer test for pipefitters?

i took the test.but Becon had to sponsor me.a company has to sponsor you.

Which company is the little sponsor of ipl?

earlier dlf sponsered the ipl now pepsi is the prime sponsor

What cigarette company was the initial sponsor for the flinstones?


What company will sponsor schools?

sony, blizzard, JaDEx

Were can you get a cheer leading sponsor and a company that will sponsor you in competitive cheer leading?

you can go pretty much anywhere but u have to ask the store manager to be sponsor

What company would sponsor a cheerleader or cheerleading team?

A big sponsor is degree girl, another one is varsity.

Benefits of sponsorship?

Company's / business's give you money to have them as your sponsor

Which was the first Indian company to sponsor a tournament overseas?


Which company sponsor's the Queen Elizabeth II stakes?


What do you get when you are sponsored?

when you get sponsored you have to wear the sponsor's shirt for advertising and you can make your own skateboards and it has to have the sponsor's name on it so you can make money off of your board sponsor,clothing sponsor,wheel sponsor,truck sponsor,and shoe sponsor anything else that you would need in skateboarding has to have the company you are sponsored by and the name of it no matter what and if you dont like the sponsor simply quit and join another sponsor

How do you get sponsors?

To get a sponsor all you have to do is create a relationship with the company that you wish to get sponsored by. After working side by side with the company for a while propose sponsorship, however you must have something (e.g an event or organization) for the company o sponsor.

What is something that companies are likely to engage in with famous well publicized sports teams?

A company may sponsor a team so the company's name appears on the players' kit. They may sponsor the match ball. They may also sponsor their company advertising round the arena or stadium.

Why did the London Company sponsor the Jamestown settlement?

the company hoped to be repaid in silver and gold from jamestown

What does 'sponsor' mean?

A sponsor means a person or company who is a supporter of an event, activity, or person. This can be in the form of providing cash, services etc.

Is there a process for a non-relative to sponsor an illegal alien?

The only way to sponsor a non-relative would be through a work visa if the sponsor owns a company (or have them come work for them - not easy).

Which company was the first sponsor of test cricket in England?

Cornhill Insurance

What skate companies sponsor kids?

if your good enough any company.

Who can be a sponsor for a Lutheran baptism?

Any individual person as long as it is not a company.