How do you get better in tennis?

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2011-03-06 15:51:18

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practice make perfect! so just keep practicing I even do that.

Yes practice, practice, and practice-----------

Watch videos and read articles it will help you a lot.

Also read this I found it on

Enough practice; I think I'd like to play a match. What's better preparation, lessons or joining a league?

Ideally, you need to do both. No matter how many lessons you take, and no matter how smooth and stylish your strokes become, you must practice using those strokes under pressure. Tennis can be an intense, emotionally taxing game. What works in practice might not work as well when you're facing a match point. League play is a great way to improve your skills under pressure. You also should read some of TENNIS magazine's Mind Game columns, which give advice on all manner of mental struggles the game entails.

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2011-03-06 15:51:18
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Q: How do you get better in tennis?
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