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the safety, take out the co2. Or, just contact the manufacturer or take it to a local paintball shop to get it repaired.

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โˆ™ 2008-03-06 16:28:47
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Q: How do you fix a paintball gun from shooting uncontrollably?
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What does a paintball hopper do for a paintball gun?

The paintball hopper for a paintball gun keeps the loaded paintballs ready for shooting. It also allowed one to reload their ammunition into the hopper so that one may start shooting again.

What is a fast shooting and can be a slow shooter gun for paintball?

Rephrase this please.

Why does your Triton paintball gun keep shooting?

Because your pulling the trigger.

Is shooting a paintball gun at a house a felony?

Yes it damages property so it is vandalism. Vandalism isn't always a felony, plus shooting a paintball gun isn't necessarily illegal. It depends on the circumstances.

How can you fix your Rhino Spitfire paintball gun?

It depends what the problem is...

Is it legal to shoot deer with a paintball gun?

probably if you dont harm it otherwise, but why you would be shooting a deer with a paintball gun is beyond me, seek mental help.

How do you fix a paintball gun with an electrical problem?

Take it to a paintball field and have it looked at. Or be specific about he electrical problem.

Why does your paintball gun fire uncontrollably?

There is likely a problem with your sear, if it is mechanical, or with your board if it is electrical. You should immediately take the gun to a tech, as you wont be able to play of a field with a runnaway gun.

How do you fix a stuck safety on a vltriad paintball gun?

Disassemble it and clean it.

How do you fix a leaky 3 way on a paintball gun?

replace the seals

Is it legal to shoot a paintball gun in your backyard in Virginia?

Yes, if you are only shooting on your property.

Is it normal for a paintball gun to get moisture on the outside of the gun while shooting Co2?

yes mine do every time i shoot

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