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You go into a back bridge then kick one of your legs back then the other one. To perform a back walkover, you should stand with both arms straight and up right. Your favorite foot ( I am a righty so I will use my right foot while explaining) in front of you with your leg extended, straight and toes pointed. As you reach backwards for the floor (as if you were attempting a back bend) you will pull your right leg over with you as you are reaching backward for the floor. Your legs will stay separated the entire time in as big of a split as you can make them. As your foot are approaching the ground you will land with your right leg first (straight and toes pointed) and arms should still be on your ears (or straight). Before planting your left leg on the ground you should show a "tee" position with your body. Because you are bent over at a 90 degree angle your right leg being straight and on the ground with your left leg still in the air directly behind you and your arms on your ears, it will look like the letter "T". Then you will plant your left leg on the on the ground into a lunge position.

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Q: How do you execute a back walkover?
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Ellayna Mackenzie Jones invented the back walkover in 1934 .

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I would say a back walkover. I mastered the front walkover first though because I think the front walkover is a lot cooler then the back walkover. The back walkover is actually pretty simple. All you do is go back into a back bend position and kick your legs over. It takes a few days to get your legs over but you WILL get it so KEEP trying!! The front walkover is a lot more fun to do. Go into a handstand and kick over into a back bend position and come up. IF you cant come up yet don't worry. It takes a lot of stomach muscles but keep practicing and you will master them. hope I helped XOXO ALYSSA

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about 1week

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Practice with your coach. Do not attempt unless your coach thinks you are ready.

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