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When you move your stick, go very fast "up & out" in the direction of one of your wings.

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2010-03-30 23:51:25
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Q: How do you direct a ball in a girls lacrosse draw?
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What is draw in lacrosse?

A draw is in girls lacrosse when they put the ball in between 2 players sticks to start the game. They then flight the ball into the air and fight to gain possesion

How many attack men are on field during youth lacrosse?

In youth lacrosse (u-11) there is 3 attack players plus center our draw of the ball.

What is a draw in a women lacrosse game?

A draw occurs at the beginning of each lacrosse game, men's and women's both. This is a way of deciding who will start off with the ball at the beginning of each quarter. The centers from each team go into the center circle, and put the heads of their sticks against one anothers stick, with the ball clamped between them. The ref will blow their whistle, and both girls move their sticks "up & out" so the ball will either go to one of their teammates or they can catch it. From there the winner of the draw takes the ball down field to begin the game.

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What happens after a goal is scored in lacrosse?

It depends. Girls 1-6 grade usually just have the goalie clear it out, but above those grades and ages they do a draw. OR you could call a timeout

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I dont know thats why i put the question up

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