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Running drills are used by Netball coaches to help develop running skills in players. Sprint dodging, shuttle runs, learning to pass while moving, and developing speed and accuracy are effective drills for netball.

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Q: How do you develop in running skill in netball?
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Is netball an open skill or close skill?

yes, it is an open skill i would know bcause i play netball for magikz

What skill would a defending player use in netball?

jumping, catching, running, blocking, throwing and passing - i think that's all of them.

How did the game netball reach Jamaica?

who develop the game of netball in jamaica

What skill are developed in netball?

Ball skills, hand-eye coordination, movement skills such as running, stopping, turning and dodging and aiming skills associated with passing and shooting are all very important and will developed by playing netball.

Describe how you could develop the skill have identified in skill knowledge and attitude?

You can develop the identified skill by regular practice.

Describe how could you develop you skill in identified in skill knowlede attitude?

Consistent practice is one way in which you develop your skill in identified in skill knowledge attitude.

Why do you need catching as a skill in netball?

You definitely need catching skills to play netball because half the game involves catching.

Why did James Naismith develop netball?

He developed it for his rowdy PE class.

How do you develop your skill?

john tonson

Why was netball developed?

before netball was invented the girls didn't have a sport that didn't involve contact and alot f running.

What type of sport is netball?

Netball is a sport which consists of high levels of agility, endurance and speed, and moderate levels of strength and flexibility. Netball training incorporates mainly running and agility.

What sport are the hamstring used in?

e.g running, cycling, netball or basketball