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== == == == To curve a soccer ball, you have to approach the ball at an angle, while placing your planting foot (the left, if you're right-footed, or vice-versa) facing the target. When you kick, kick with your big toe or instep and the ball will spin. Combining this with a well-placed loft and power will make it curve. David Beckham has been playing for 15+ years and his beautiful curves are due to his amazing skills with a dead ball (direct/indirect free kick, penalty shot, etc.). He has a kick, dubbed "the Beckham" in which he lifts the ball over the "wall," sends it towards the far post, but bends it back to the near post. This confuses the goaltender and the ball just dips under the bar for the goal.

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Q: How do you curve the soccer ball like David Beckham?
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What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham?

The average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by David Beckham is under 91 miles per hour. His top speed was recorded at 97 miles per hour while the top speed ever recorded was about 138 miles per hour.

Religious references in Bend It Like Beckham?

This is not religious. It is referring to David Bekham, a famous MLS soccer play for the Los Angelos Galaxy. He invented the curve ball, that "bends". It is a difficult skill to maneuver, but the object is to kick the ball so it curves around opposing players as you are passing, or the goalie when you're shooting.

How do you be a good midfielder in soccer?

To be a good midfielder, you must past the ball to your teammates and try to get the ball to the goal. Good examples of players like this are David Beckham and Xabi Alonso.

Who in pro soccer can curve a soccer ball the best?


How is Geometry involved in soccer?

The curve on the ball.

How do you curve the ball in soccer?

To curve a soccer ball you need to kick the ball on the right side towards the bottom of the ball. The follow through is judt as important. Kick the ball the follow through pulling your leg over the ball ur foot should touch ur left knee:)

What does David Beckham think of racism?

The British Soccer star is known to have anti racist views. Beckham has displayed a high standard of personal probity on & off the field in his career. A specialist at the 'dead ball' situation in soccer he had a great career with Manchester United. He has a high profile marriage to former Spice Girl Victoria, nee Adams.

What happens if you kick a soccer ball?

The soccer ball will move in the direction of the force applied to it. If it was not kicked squarely, so that the kick imparted a spin on the ball, then its path will curve in the air.

What type of soccer kick sends the ball in the opposite direction?


Where are there forces in soccer?

The forces in soccer occur when someone kicks the ball. When you kick the ball the forces that occur on the ball cause it to change shape, change speed, curve and slow down.

Does the angle you have on a soccer ball affect the curve?

maybe....just leave me alone

Why was soccer famous?

Soccer is a well-known sport, played in many countries around the world. Outside of the United States, it is usually known as "football". There have been several famous soccer players, such as David Beckham and Pelé. The black-and-white pattern on a soccer ball is very easy to recognize. F$$$ U B***** you guys are all ass*****

How do you curve a soccer ball?

you kick the ball on the bottom side with the upper inside of your shoe for a ball to curve right you hit it on the bottom left and follow through to the left and to make it curve left you kick it on the bottom right and follow through towards the outside. Adidas also claims that with their cleat, the predator powerswerve, you can curve the ball better

Where do you hit the soccer ball at to curve it?

To curve it right to left, hit the ball with the inside of your foot on the bottom right hand side of the ball. To curve the ball left to right, hit the ball with the outside of your foot, on the bottom left of the ball. Yes that's correct,but if you want more power hit it with the tip of your foot.

Who is the hardest striker in soccer and what speed will the soccer ball reach?

David Trezguet at 98mph

How does a soccer player curve the ball?

By kicking the ball slightly to the left or right of center, creating a clock-wise or counter clock-wise spin of the ball.

Can you score a goal off of a corner kick in soccer?

Yes, but only by shooting a curve ball.

Who dat David Beckham?

He is a pro soccer player. He used to play in England and now he plays for the LA Galaxy team. He is number 23 but used to be number 7. He is pretty muscular and has short brown/blond hair. He used to be bald though. He is also the captain of the LA team. He is very good at bending the ball on a free-kick. That is who the movie "Bend It Like Beckham" is named after. You can probably go to google and type in David Beckham and you would see a lot of pictures and information on him.

How do you kick a soccer ball with three fingers?

you hit da ball with ur pinky, ring, and middle fingers which makes the ball curve in the air ~Manny Contreras

I want to curve a soccer ball but how do I do that?

If ur a right footer,hit the bottom right of the ball with the area between ur right foot's toe side and its joint(toe knuckle) If ur a left footer,its vice-versa. Yes, but what part of the ball and what way does it curve? Example: The bottom (below the centre line) outside (right if right footed) or bottom back or somewhere in between. I heard Beckham (for corners and free kicks) would move at right angles to the direction the ball was to move. If the ball was at the centre of the pitch in line with the goal, he would approach the ball as if he was moving from one side of the pitch to the other, hit the ball (however?) and the ball would curve to the right, over the blockers and then left down toward the goal. Is this so?

Who threw First curve ball?

david charles

Why people like David Beckham?

There are several reasons why you could like david beckham. 1. He is extremely attractive. 2. He is one of the worlds best soccer players. 3. Hes married to Posh Spice. 4. He has a meal named him in bangkok. 5. He is extremely attractive 6. He plays soccer for England. 7. He is an underwear model. 8. His voice is sexy. 9. He is extremely attractive. 10. Hes a great dad. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Well I on the other hand don't like him. I have nothing against, I just don't think he plays soccer for the love of the game. No one does anymore it's all about money money money. He is in soccer to go to night clubs and meet girls like Posh SPice for instance. Beckham was a great player; let me repeat WAS. He used to fight for the ball and never give up. Now he sits on the sidelines, says he's injured, and gets paid millions$$$$$. Beckham doesn't love to play, he loves to get paid.

What has the author David Goldblatt written?

David Goldblatt has written: 'The ball is round' -- subject(s): History, Soccer, Soccer players, OverDrive, Nonfiction, Sports & Recreations 'The soccer book' -- subject(s): Soccer

How do you curve in soccer?

use the inside of your foot and hit the ball slightly to one side and mak sure your foot is also under the ball. It will be hard at first but will get easier after practising

European Games entertainment and sports from 1500-1900 ad?

Europeans would play many sports. Soccer was very popular, too, as it was in most of the world. Soccer is played by kicking a round ball with hexagons and octagons onto it into the goal. Europeans still like to play soccer. For example, David Beckham was from England. When Europeans would play the sport of cricket, it would go on for hours, with them wacking the ball with the paddle for days, and taking occasional tea-breaks. They would also play cricket and Dogeball.