How do you correct a basketball shot?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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First determine what current results. Move farther away from the goal and observe results. Right or left of center of the goal, think body rotation. Being farther away from the goal will exaggerate all movement, improve focus and requires greater exertion and control. Doubling the distance to the basket, will make the goal appear 1/4 the original size it was at the first distance, and force twice the right/left shooting accuracy. With lateral errors reduced now focus on the vertical component of your shot. Keep the forward speed of the ball close to your original speed, but increase the vertical component to give the ball time to make it to the basket. Work your legs and arms to build strength. In the example of doubling the distance from the goal, doubles the time the ball will be in the air, or double the vertical velocity or 4 times the exertion on the ball. Next move around the floor maintaining your distance to the goal. Soon you will become acclimated to your new shooting distance, and increased shooting success from the original distance. As a bonus you can successfully shoot from any distance in between.

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You must hold the ball in your hands so the left hand is in a L must have your left foot a little more in front and bend your knees and jump. when inthe air let go of the ball.

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Q: How do you correct a basketball shot?
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