How do you call off a fielder?

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Most of the time, yelling "I've got it!" or "Mine, mine!" is enough to tell the other fielders that you are going to catch the fly ball. However, if two or more fielders are calling that at the same time, it can be difficult to both to hear, and can result in a collision.

However, some teams set up a "primary fielder," which means that, for example, for any ball hit between two fielders (center and right, or center and left), one of them (usually the center fielder) is always the primary fielder and the other fielder (left or right) will move to the back-up position. Only if the primary fielder indicates he or she cannot catch the ball (for example, by yelling, "No! No!") will the other fielder attempt to catch it. The same basic strategy can be used for the infield.

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Q: How do you call off a fielder?
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