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Try various shot speeds/placements at unexpected times, like rushing to the net to hit a drop ball diagonally across the court. Or try weird hitting motions, like running to the right to hit the ball with your left hand. Putting different spin on the ball works well too.

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Q: How do you become less predictable on the tennis court?
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What is the difference between real tennis and lawn tennis?

Lawn tennis is known to be played on grass, which makes the ball bounce much slower than on a regular hard court. The pace of the game is much slower so there are less winners and longer rallies

What makes a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball?

The Tennis ball is smaller and has less weight than a basketball. The tennis ball will also have less drag.

What sports have 5 or less people?

table tennis,badminton,tennis,

Why tennis court net is having less height at the center than the post?

3 ft. 2 inches by karan jain

What is the fewest number of unforced errors in a tennis match?

Unforced error in a tennis match is that type of mistake that are not due to the good shots of your opponent. The fewest number of unforced errors in a tennis match is the less number of chances you give your opponent to make a point in your court because of your carelessness.

What type of poetry lacks rhyme and has a less predictable rhythm?

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Why do tennis balls lose their bounce when they get wet?

when tennis balls get wet they get heavy and the bigger it is the less bounce.

Why are nanocoated tennis balls good for the environment?

โ€ข last longer โ€ข use fewer balls โ€ข less materials or save resources โ€ข less manufactured accept less factories โ€ข less energy โ€ข less fuel โ€ข less pollution / greenhouse effect / global warming โ€ข less waste

Can tennis be played on racket course?

No, it cannot.For various reason, primarily safety. Tennis rackets are too large for the small court, and significantly less structurally sound than racquetball racquets for the surfaces they may be hitting at full speed (primarily concrete walls).

What sport should you play in high school Tennis Soccer or Football?

Actually, you can play both, but if you want to become a member in the varsity group. I suggest that you should play tennis because it is less injury. Its your decision whether you will follow my advise. Good luck

How much gas exchanging surface area exists in the lungs?

There is 75 square meter of gas exchanging surface area that exists in the lungs. It is more or less the size of a standard tennis court.

Why do you want new every time?

New attracts more attention than old. It's less predictable!

What ball will go farther the ping-pong or the tennis ball if you hit it with a tennis racket?

Tennis ball of course. It is less affected by air ressistance because of its proportional surface area to mass.

Why is this claim misleading attendance at tennis games in 2008 is 500 less than in 2005?

It does not state how many tennis games there were in each year.

Why is it easier to stop a tennis ball than a cricket ball moving with same speed?

Tennis balls are lighter than cricket balls. Therefore less mass. If a tennis ball travels at the same speed its momentum (mass x velocity) is lower. Therefore less momentum an easier to stop. Short answer, less mass and same speed means less momentum

Is the popularity of tennis increasing or declining?

The popularity of tennis is actually declining. Some reports say that school age children may be enjoying it more but when it comes to professional and college level, it is being played less and less.

What represents repetitive and predictable movements around the trend line within a time period of one year or less?

Seasonal variation

Which sport is better tennis or table tennis?

Table tennis. of course, i play it but i used to play tennis. Table tennis is more technical with spin and requires less athletic and fitness. Tennis is mostly about hitting the ball as hard as you can until one gets tired I totally agree. Table tennis is an ace sport and more girls should play it. I used to play tennis too but found it quite boring but i love table tennis and it is my main sport!

What challenges did Althea Gibson face during her tennis career?

Early in her tennis career, Althea Gibson faced prejudice as a black woman in an era when few blacks played the game of tennis at all, much less professionally. However, she prevailed with grace and dignity to overcome those challenges, to become the first black woman to win a Grand Slam event, and go on to win many tennis tournaments during her career as a professional tennis player. For further information, refer to the "Althea Gibson" official website link, below.

Which sport has become less popular over the years?

snooker and cricket have become less popular

Why it is easy to catch a table tennis ball than a cricket even both are moving with same velocity?

Tennis balls are lighter than cricket balls. Therefore less mass. If a tennis ball travels at the same speed its momentum (mass x velocity) is lower. Therefore less momentum an easier to stop.

How much would it cost to build a basketball court?

Depending on what you want to build. A indoor basketball court or outdoor court. (indoor)$100,000 or less (outdoor)$20,000 or less.

Why is it easier to catch a tennis ball as compared to cricket ball moving with the same velocity?

It is far more easier to catch a tennis ball because it has less mass.

What is your hypothesis on how the temperature effects a tennis balls height?

If a tennis ball is cooler then the atoms have less energy so it may hypothetically bounce lower than if it was warmer

Why does a tennis ball bounce higher than a basketball and soccer ball?

less weight