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Practice practice practice. Watch the pros or colloge player do it and try to mimic there moves

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Q: How do you become better at Layups in Basketball?
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Related questions

How do you beat a better team in basketball?

Be better than the team knew there weakness if they like to shoot force them to go for layups and opposite

What shots do basketball players make most often?

The odds are the closer the player is to the basket when they shoot, the better chance they have to make the shot. That would make layups and slam dunks the shots that basketball players make the most often.

Can you touch the backboard in a basketball game?

yes you can some of the layups basketball players do ends with a high five on the backboard

How to be a better shooter in basketball?

You need to practice a lot if you want to become a better shooter in basketball.

How do you become a better at basketball?

Practice, practice and practice.

What is a thesis statement for basketball?

to become a better player

Is it better to shoot lay ups underhand or overhand?

it is good to use underhand layups than overhand because in overhand layups the momentum of ur body is added to ur realese so when u release the ball at a gud speed the ball often bounce of the backboard............. but underhand layups require more strength and a good height to execute it................................learn underhand layups and execute it in the game and have fun.................................

What are some of the physical benifits of playing basketball?

You work your arms by dribbling, your legs by jumping for dunks, jumpshots and layups and your torso when moving around

How can you become a better basketball player?

There is only one way to become a better basketball player, and that is by practicing. You cannot get the feel for shooting, passing, defending, and so on without actually playing continuously. The more you play the more the actions become instinct.

How do you do a layup and actually make it in basketball?

If you are shooting anywhere on the court from 3 pointers to layups to foul shots always aim for the box on top of the basket.

How to become a better basketball player?

You have to practice on your dribbleing,passing,and shooting.

Who in the nba is the best at layups?

I this the best player at layups is kobe

Who is the best player in the world basketball?

Candace Parker i wont to no how she do it ,because she is a good person in basketball play i wish a become a better baketball player like her or maybe better

How does momentum affect basketball?

Players can become excited and play better if they are winning or just have momentum. If it's a home crowd, then they make more noise. Result? Better basketball!

How become a better basketball player?

you need to practice and work really hard

What is team work basketball youth?

Learning the basic fundamentals for all players to work as a team to become better basketball players.

Most lay-ups made in one minute?

The most layups ever made was 37 layups in a minute.

Basketball drills for 11 year old girls?

Do a game 3 pointers are 6 free throw are 3 and layups are 1 try to get as many points as possible in 2min

What is a dribbling drill in basketball?

A drill to become a better dribbler with the basketball as doing a figure eight dribble and walking at the same time with your head up.

What college basketball team only shoots 3 pointers or layups on offense and plays full court defense with a full bench rotation?

Grinnell division III school, thanks

What is a better sport Basketball or Baseball?

Basketball is a better sport

Is rajon rondo better than derrick rose?

no, even if they both have speed and layups, Rajon does not have the same amount of skill Derrick has in jump shots.

Is basketball better than netball?

Basketball is way, way better!

How do you practice for basketball?

Practicing for basketball is fairly simple, if you want to practice only the parts involving a basketball, not the sprints and reps. Go find a gym and practice layups, jumpers, free-throws, ball-handling, passing, fade-outs, rebounding, fakes, getting open, v-cuts, L-cuts, plays, boxing out, and any other basketball-involving things you might remember. Good luck!

How long does it take to become a pro basketball player?

Most pro basketball players began playing when they were very young. They played in junior high school, high school, and college. They attended special basketball camps as a teenager. Professional basketball is a very competitive world. The more one plays and the more instruction one gets, the better chance they will have to become a professional.