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Depends on how and what you are comparing to with a Basketball player.

For example.

"His lay up was so perfect it was like he the best basketball player ever to make such a shot."

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โˆ™ 2009-03-10 20:52:05
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Q: Is you are like the best basketball player a simile?
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What page is this simile from Tom Sawyer the cat jumped like a basketball player on?

there is no "the cat jumped like a basketball player" simile in Tom Sawyer. I checked. that chapter about Tom giving Peter the painkiller is on pages 116-123

What is the job description of a basketball player?

The job description of a basketball player is to perform at his best. Like actors, their job is to perform.

Who is the better basketball player Paul pierce or Michael Jordan?

for sure it Micheal Jordan i mean everybody knows that he is like the best basketball player ever I've always dreamed to be a basketball player

3 reasons why you like Dwyane Wade?

my romodel best basketball player

Who is the best player in the world basketball?

Candace Parker i wont to no how she do it ,because she is a good person in basketball play i wish a become a better baketball player like her or maybe better

How do you become the best basketball player ever?

To become the best you have to play like the best,belive your the best, and practice like the best also never give up Michael Jordan never gave up

What is the best definition of simile?

A simile compares two subjects directly, using the words like or as to create the visual comparison.

Is simile like and as?

Ys a simile uses like or as.

Who was the best player of basketball?

The best player in my opinion was micheal jordan. today there are a lot of contendors like Kevin Durant, Mike Bibby, and Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwayne Wade.. -_-

Which is the best definition of a simile?

comparing two things using like or as.

Who is the best basketball player now?

Kobe Bryant has no chance He SUCKS balls like crazy. It is definitely Lebron James.

How is Michael Jordan inspiring?

He is inspiring by being the best Basketball player in the world. And he showed us not to quit Basketball, like how he quit basketball and showed up again. But he quit the second time because maybe of his age.

Does Kobe like playing basketball?

I think he does like playing basketball, he liked soccer but now he likes basketball. If he didn't like basketball, why would he make all these buzzer-beaters. So, I think he does like playing basketball. He likes playing basketball because, he is a basketball player. I know that he likes basketball because my cousin is obsessed with him.

Who is the best basketball player in 2013?

Kobe Bryant is the best. Everyone says LeBron James is the next Jordan but he is traitor. He left the Cavaliers even though he was the best on the team. It is like Michael Jordan leaving The Bulls to go to the Lakers. Kobe Bryant is better in skills also. So Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player in 2013.

Is this class is like a circus a metaphor or simile?

A simile.

Is like a tree house swaying in the wind a simile?

yes it is a simile because if there is a sentence has a "like" or "as" then it is a simile.

Make a simile about offense for basketball?

Offense is like a finely tuned machine, it only works well if all the parts do their job.

How much money do basketball players make in Europe?

I think it depends on the skill of the player. I know for sure that the best player gets like 6 million a year.

Does Angel Rodriuez like you?

Angel Rodriguez is best known for being a college basketball player. It is assumed that he likes most of his fans.

What sport does Akon like to play?

basketball, When he was little he wanted to be a basketball player but he broke his knee.

Do basketball player have to go to college to play basketball?

NBA players dont have to ( like kobe)

Is 'pigsty' a simile?

The word "pigsty" itself is not a simile, as a simile uses "like" or "as" in the phrase. But "messy as a pigsty" or "your room is like a pigsty" would be a simile.

What are the working conditions for a professional basketball player?

you can do what you like to do

Is your love is like a red red rose considered a metaphor or a simile?

simile It is an example of a simile (uses like or as). A simile in itself though is a type of metaphor.

Why do people like the NBA?

Its basketball at its best